How to find the right sport job – part 4: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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This fourth part of our series is all about „the search“of sport jobs. Since the majority of sport jobs is not published in mass media and hence not easy to find, we will give you some tips how to find the right sport job.


1. Connections

sportyjob-logo 120x90“If you want to land a great job you need to have connections” my parents always used to say. For sure there is some truth about this statement since it is always beneficial to know a human resources manager, but that doesn´t mean that you soon will have the best sport job ever. A German survey that interviewed 15000 companies states that only one quarter of the jobs have been given to private contacts – fortunately there is still hope for all of us who don´t have influential friends.

2. Social Media

Great hope to find a sport job lies in social media. To maintain profiles on career networks like LinkedIn definitely is advisable since a lot of companies are searching actively for candidates on these platforms and offer their sport jobs in diverse groups. Furthermore these kind of profiles can be found easily via Google, which can be really good self-promotion because every business is trying to get as much information as possible about a potential employee. Moreover it is always a good idea to regulary check the Google+ and Facebook profiles of the companies you prefer since quite often they are publishing their sport job offers as well on their social media profiles.

3. Homepagesskateboard office sportyjob

Sport jobs are not only offered on social media platforms but also almost every company has its own “jobs” or “career” section on its homepage. Usually sport jobs are first published on the own website and afterwards spread via job boards and other platforms. A few businesses are exclusively working with job boards like so that you will have to apply via the platform. Nevertheless, it is always a good thing to sweep through the latest sport job posts on homepages.

4. Special Interest Magazines / Blogs

Special interest magazines and blogs might offer interesting sport jobs as well. Companies tend to publish sport jobs in field-related media since it guarantees to address the right target audience.

5. Trade Fairs

Sport trade fairs or career fairs established by universities will always provide you with useful industry contacts. Some fairs even offer the opportunity to apply directly on site for a sport job which is a good chance to directly land a sport job.

6. Being speculative

Sending a speculative application always is a possibility. Of course this costs some effort but there is nothing that can go wrong. If there is no available sport job, the company at least knows you are existing and interested in working for them.

7. Job boards

A lot of job boards offer sport jobs. A few are initialized by universities that offer sport specific studies and in every country there are as well a few huge job boards which usually don’t offer many sport jobs since companies want to address 100% sport enthusiastic people. That’s why very few platforms have specialized on specific topics. An important one is Sportyjob, which daily offers new sport jobs and sport internships in all imaginable disciplines throughout Europe.

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We keep our fingers crossed for you to find the right sport job!

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How to find the right sport job – part 3: What kind of jobs do companies in the sports industry offer?

Since you already know quite a lot about potential employers, today’s Sportyjob sport job blog presents possible sport jobs in the different departments of companies. Given that it is almost impossible to cover the whole bandwidth, we only will have a look at the most common sport jobs. Let’s start with the executive suite:

The Board

The most important people of the board are the chief executive officer (CEO) and the Chairman of the Board. Those two sport jobs are supported by the directors/managers of the different departments. Function of this top-level is to care about fundamental decisions like annual objectives and product launches as well as defining the corporate strategy. In the management level usually all sport jobs are circumscribed with chief…officer like chief financial officer (CFO) or chief operations officer (COO). What you have to keep in mind: the term “CEO” may have different meanings. In Great Britain, for instance, there is only one “true” CEO in a company, but in Germany the term rather describes a management-function of a sport job.


Subordinated to the executive suite are different departments. This is the really interesting part for sport job seekers, since the majority of sport jobs are available in this medium-level.

1. Administration

The administration is working closely with the board and cares about getting the paperwork and all necessary preliminary work for the executive suite done.

2. Legal Department

The legal department might offer some interesting sport jobs for sport job seekers that have graduated in law. Companies of the sports industry need in-house jurists that care about all operational and administrational law-questions.

3. Finance Department

This department is connected closely to the board. Main task is the management of company’s cash flows. Parts of the finance dept. are accountancy, cash management, treasury, controlling and the overall business financing.

4. Human Resources

This department usually is quite big and offers interesting sport jobs: A recruiter needs to find the perfect employees for job vacancies and as well is responsible for personnel marketing and employer branding, which means the market positioning of the company as a trustworthy employer. Also quite important is the personnel development manager, who cares about staff development. Furthermore Human Resources, which is led by the Human Resources Manager, is in charge of wages-management and all issues regarding staff.

5. Sales Department

Who is applying for a sport job in sales will have to do execution of orders, new client acquisition and key account managing. In a lot of companies client service and logistics are part of Sales, too. One main task of this department is to elaborate market entry strategies for new products.

6. Marketing Department

Main subject of sport jobs in marketing  is planning and execution of  advertising-activities with the aim to sell products. Part of this is market analysis as well as research and segmentation. Furthermore this department is responsible for the development of marketing-strategies and the defining of the marketing-mix of price-, product-, place-, promotion- and communication-tools. Since new opportunities of communication like social networks came up, marketing had to change a lot in the recent years and needed to create new subdivisions like online-marketing and e-commerce, which are constantly searching for new sport job-talents.

7. Public Relations

Public Relations often is subordinated to Marketing, but actually is an independent department, which especially cares about corporate image and reputation.  Main instrument of PR is media relations with the aim to spread beneficial news regarding the company in the mass media. Internal communications (E.g. employee-newspaper, newsletters…) as well as crisis and finance communication (annual report etc.) are vital parts of PR and offer a lot of sport jobs.

These seven mentioned departments are only a small overview over potential sport job fields, since every company has its own structures. For example smaller businesses usually concentrate departments or outsource them on order to save costs. Huge global players in the contrary have a lot more departments, like country-specific ones (for instance Marketing EMEA-Europe, Middle East and Africa) and product-specific ones (Apparel, Footwear) where you can find loads of sport job opportunities.

After this third part of our sport job checklist you now know a lot about sport field, employers and departments and the associated sport jobs. But how to find these sport jobs? Our next sport job blog will give an answer!

Until then you can have a look at our latest sport jobs in the industry at, maybe you’ll find a matching one yet!


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How to find the right sport job – Part 2: Potential employers

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Since we covered the most interesting sport fields in our last sport job blog this follow-up will discuss the potential employers in the sports industry. To focus on the praxis, we are having a look at the companies that offer sport jobs on

Most of them are sporting goods manufacturers. They all have a key area but mostly it is hard to relate them to a special sport. Especially the larger ones like Adidas have market shares in a lot of sports and therefore are able to offer various sport jobs. The German company originally produced sneakers but in the meantime is fabricating all kinds of sports equipment for every imaginable sport.


04.10.2014 sportyjobA few companies like Oakley, Black Diamond, Head, Timberland und Patagonia are specialized in outdoor sports: Oakley and Electric are known for eye-wear. Black Diamond, Salomon and Ortovox’s range of products mainly refers to mountaineering and Head is familiar with skiiing and snowboarding but also establishes itself in tennis, badminton etc. What first comes to mind when you think about Timberland is the famous leather-boot, which is the best known product of the fashion brand. Le Coq Sportiv is noted for being the jersey outfitter of  the Tour de France and soccer-teams. Japanese enterprise Shimano generates the majority of its revenues with bicycles and bike-associated accessories. Patagonia niches a market for sport job-seekers: although core business is the outdoor market, the company as well focuses on watersport products like surfboards, wetsuits and swim-clothing.

A lot of the sporting goods manufacturers that offer sport jobs on Sportyjob are focused on board sports. Quiksilver, Volcom, Rip Curl, Insight and Protest are producing fashion and functional clothing like wetsuits, boardshorts and winter sporting goods. Every of those enterprises is well known for special products but also is coping a huge band width of goods, therefore they all are in need of a lot of employees for their sport jobs. Since it is famous for skate-shoes Vans could as well be subsumed to board sports. Cap and accessoire producer New Era should be familiar for sport job-seekers, too.

Apart from the mentioned sporting goods manufacturers, a few firms are specialized in only one product: For example ON manufactures running shoes and Icebug is producing outdoor-shoes.

Another important sport job-sector is retail. Of course, companies focus on special retail sectors as well. SurfStitch and Blue Tomato for instance are selling board sport related fashion, equipment and accessoires and a lot of others are specialized in running and training gear.

Who is looking for a sport job for sure will find a matching one at one of these mentioned firms. Most of them are having locations all over the world and also the smaller companies may offer interesting sport jobs with a lot of responsibility. If you are still not sure which sector is the right one for you, an sport job internship may help you to make a decision.

Since one blog can´t represent all the companies that are searching for sport job employees on Sportyjob, just may have a look at and find the right one for you.

Our next sport job blog will treat sport jobs and sport-internships in the discussed companies.

Have a good week!

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How to find the right sport job – Part 1: Various sport divisions

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This sport job blog is dedicated to all people out there who dream of working in the sports business, but don´t know yet which sport job is the right one. As decision support we created a check list, which we are going to deal with in our blog series: “How to find the right sport job”. Today we are presenting sport fields that could be interesting for sport job seekers.


Who is a sports enthusiast for sure knows a few sport jobs from his own experience. Although the borders between the different sports are blurred (e.g. surfing is water sports, trend sports and extreme sports), we tried to do a classification:

tennis sportyjobBall games

For Sport Jobs this is the most important sport division. Soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby, cricket, baseball, and football in particular are organized in professional systems all over the world and offer a multitude of sport jobs. Also racket games-associations that offer tennis, badminton or squash are appealing sport job employers. Last but not least comes golf, which mostly is important in the USA.

Motor sports

Motor sports offer sport jobs as well. Of course everyone is thinking about formula 1 first, but motor sports are a lot bigger. Besides classic car races there are also disciplines like motorcycling, go-kart sports and motorboat sports that provide sport jobs.

Water sports

Especially water sports have attracted a lot of people in the past years. Sailing as very traditional physical acticity offers various sport jobs and swimming, diving, rowing as well as canoe and kayak-sports are also at a commercial level. Furthermore board sports like surfing, kite-surfing, windsurfing and wakeboarding have increased a lot. In this industry for sure you will find various sport jobs in surf camps or at sporting goods manufacturers.

Trend and fun sports

Above mentioned sports like surfing could as well be subsumed to the category of trend sports. Skateboarding, inline-skating and BMX are trend sports as well. In general trend sports are defined as new sports, that differ from traditional disciplines and can´t be subordinated to popular sports. Within this scope snowboarding, mountain biking, slack lining are as well new trends. Since trend sports absolutely have the chance to be established on the market, you should always keep your eyes wide open for new sports innovations and, if applicable, be ready to jump on the moving sport job train.surfen im sport job sportyjob

Of course there are plenty more sports than the mentioned ones and sports can be arranged by other criterias as well. If you have a look at the place, sports can be distinguished by indoor and outdoor sports. Team- and individual sports as well as seasons (Winter- and summer sports) could be possible classifications. All mentioned sports moreover can be performed as competitive or popular sports. If athletes go for the limit in technical, physical or psychical ways, we are talking about extreme sports.

Regarding sport jobs in particular the “big” associations with huge media coverage are offering various sport jobs. But for sport job-seekers the sports environment also could be a possible occupational field. Sporting goods manufacturers, advertising agencies and retail companies are always on the search for appropriate sport job candidates.

In our next Sportyjob sport job blog we will introduce you to potential employers and their fields of work.


Have a good time,

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Sport + Job = Sportyjob

New media’s influence on the sports industry and the resulting changes in the sport job market

The technical and social evolution has led to a change in the media and brand-sector of companies in the sports industry. Opportunities of global communication installed by web 2.0 are leading to a new transparency, with a big focus on service quality. Why? Because feedback is always around the corner.

The Web 2.0 created Social Media, Wikis and Blogs - possibilities for crowd created content. What matters to customers are intangible assets like trustworthiness, reputation and image. Before, Sports Marketing was focused on clear peer groups, it was target Marketing. Of course, it still is, but expanded by a social factor. Million dollar budgets for impressive advertising got rare. People don't only want to see, but interact with brands.  That is why society-focused communication with the aim of a good image is more important than ever before.

To fulfill these new needs of stakeholders, e.g. clients, distributors or employees, the company has to think and act like a human. That means not only being honest and careful with the corporate environment but also to re-organize stiff structures. This of course has an influence on sport jobs as well.

Which sport jobs have to be re-organized and how could the implementation work?

Fundamentally, the central functions of corporate communications – marketing and public relations – have to cooperate more than ever. Only in this way a consistent image of the company can be created. This is what practitioners call integrated communications.

One sport job that had to be adapted to the requirements of integrated communications for instance is the sport job of a Brand Manager. Brand Managers care about upgrading the existing brand-architecture by listening to the voices of the stakeholders of the companies’ environment.

Furthermore a lot of social media focused jobs are in vogue nowadays. Platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are no longer nice to have but absolute must haves. But online platforms don't live the 9 to 5 lifestyle - furthermore users want to have a 24/7 contact opportunity and who is not reacting fast enough to critical posts could soon be in danger of a shitstorm. This change in communication has created a multitude of sport jobs, which are mostly free-lance or at work at home, like e.g. social media manager of a sports team.

Also newfound or adjusted careers in social media are placements in SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) respectively SEM (Search Engine Management). Content Manager or Online Marketing Manager are working with special tools like linkbuilding or keyword-optimized blogs to provide the corporate homepage with a good search engine ranking.

Sponsoring engagements as well are affected by the change of the media landscape. Sponsoring Managers have to work closely with corporate communications and have to choose sponsorships carefully regarding their soft factors. Sponsoring nowadays means image and reputation-delivery, since the value of product-positioning via sponsoring is slowly decreasing.

Moreover some totally new sport jobs in the sector of sports engineering arised. They are IT related placements that care about social media and TV-relevant real-time editing of events like soccer games, horseraces or Olympics. The importance of applications which can be used interactively during events e.g. via mobile devices, has increased rapidly in the last few years.

Since online communications are permanently transforming, the functions of the diverse positions have to be adapted to these new needs. This only can be done effectively, if the stakeholder discussion is followed closely and one keep his  eyes open for trends – who is keen and able to invest this time will assure himself a sport job in the future.