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  • 590€ for one job offer published on ISPO Job Wall during 4 days of ISPO show & min. 30 days of featured online publishing on and ISPO Job Market.
    Special Offer: From now until the 24th of December we offer a discount of 100 Euro for a published job.

  • Publish a single free intership listing for 30 days

  • 290 for 1 job listed for 30 days

  • 1290 for 5 jobs listed for 30 days

  • 2290 for 10 jobs listed for 30 days

  • 1800 for 1 job listed for 30 days

Join the ISPO 2018 Career Days

Your chance for recruiting new team members right from the roots of the sports business

During the ISPO 2018 in Munich, Sportyjob and ISPO Job Market team up to offer a live recruiting service for the sports industry. Post your job at the job corridor or meet up with possible candidates for a quick interview.

The Career Day

Our Speed Dating Recruiting Service: Interview a high number of qualified candidates in a short time for your free positions. You meet the pre-registered candidates in private recruiting cabins, set up with your individual company profile.

The Job Wall

During the 4 days of the ISPO 2018, it’s your chance to make your jobs viewable online and offline to sports business professionals and career enterers. Display your job offers at the ISPO Career Days 2018 on a 20 meter long job corridor for job enthusiasts or passerbys to see. The job ads will also be published online at the ISPO Job Market and Sportyjob.

Price Overview for the ISPO 2018 Career Days

Career Day

AvailailabilityParticipation + 3 job postingsCompany posterSelection of resumés by Sportyjob
Regular 01.11. - 24.12.2017 3.800 € 300 € 1.800 €
Last Minute25.12. - ISPO 20184.500 €300 €2.000 €

Job Wall

AvailailabilitySingle Job PostingProfile poster and up to 5 job postings displayed 2 times *Selection of 5 resumés by Sportyjob
Regular 01.11. - 24.12.2017 490 € 3.300 € 1.800 €
Last Minute25.12. - ISPO 2018590 €3.900 €2.000 €