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General questions

Answers to general questions regarding our website and how to find your way around.

Candidates FAQ

All questions regarding the candidate’s services and the job application.

Employers FAQ

Find all answers regarding the job listings, technical aspects and employer’s services.

General Questions


I need further information, who can I contact ?

Send us an E-Mail or use our contact form.

How can I subscribe to your Newsletter ?

You can just subscribe here:

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I lost my password how can I recover it ?

Please use our lost password form to request a new one: Password recover form

My attachment won't upload ?

Please check that your attachment has the right format (.pdf, .docx, etc.) and that its size does not exceed the maximum indicated file size.

How can I delete my user account ?

Please send us a removal request with your registered email account and we will take care of deleting your account and its related information.

Candidates FAQs


Who can see my CV?

Your CV/Resume can be acceded by approved employers with a valid subscription which are publishing jobs on Sportyjob. If you do not want anybody to access your CV you have the option to hide it in your candidate dashboard.

I want to apply for a sport job! Do you charge for the service?

Our job search, application and job alerts are all free of charge, you just need to sign up.

Can I apply for more than one job?

If you find different interesting job offers, feel free to apply for more than one.

For applying, you are asking for personal data. I don't feel very comfortable about it.

For connecting candidates with employers, we need data like your address, birthday, phone number, etc. which you would use for a regular application form as well. Be sure that we respect your privacy and only give the information to the company you applied to.

All you need to know can also be found in our Privacy Policy – please read it carefully to understand what we do. We are content that you’ll have a better feeling after!

My Services

Can I set up more than one job alert?

Yes, you can. Once you’re registered, you can set up different alerts for different job types, keywords and locations.

How can I activate or de-activate my job alert emails?

To set up an email alert you must register as a candidate. Once registered, every time you do a search you are shown the “ADD ALERT” button which allows you to save the search as an alert.

To manage or create new alerts you may also go to your account dashboard: Manage my Alerts

Employers FAQ

Technical Questions

I got lost on the new website

Please contact us to get a tour  of our new website – [email protected]

How is the automatical import of my ads working?

We support the following technical solutions: eQuest, Broadbean, Multiposting, XML-Data and RSS Feeds. It is also possible to crawl your ads directly on your company’s website with our own Crawler.

Any other technical support can be implemented on request.

Job Advertisements

Can I publish several job posts at the same time?

Yes, you can publish more than one job at a time. As a plus, we have a special offer for publishing 5 or 10 jobs at once.

If you want to post a large amount – regularly or one time – we can automatically transfer your job offers from your website or recruitment software to Sportyjob, too. For more infos, check our Services for Employers.

Can I offer more than one job with one ad?

That depends. If you’re looking to fill two identical positions, for example 2 intern for your online marketing department, you can post it as one job offer. Please give information about the number of jobs in the job description, not in the title.

If you’re offering different jobs, please publish each as a unique post. We categorize every job, so it will be easier to find by candidates. A collective ad won’t be clear resulting in decreasing applications.

How long will my job ad be listed on Sportyjob?

Normally, each job offer will be published for 30 days.

However, if the listing didn’t succeed, we offer a free extension of your ad as long as it takes.

How do I receive the applications from the candidates?

There are several possibilities to receive the applications:

  1. Via E-Mail: When you post a job offer, you can add an E-Mail-adress where the applications will be sent to.
  2. Via “My Account”: When you post a job, applications will be listed in your account.
  3. Via your own application tool: If you have a application management tool on your website, you can also link to the page and receive applications your regular way.

I want to highlight my job offer! Is it possible?

Yes, it is. If you want your job offer stand out, we’ll list in on the first position(s) of the jobs ads for the whole posting period.

However, there is no automatic way to do so at the moment. If you wish an upgrade, please send us an E-Mail with your request.

How can I extend my job ad listing? How much does it cost?

A free extend for another 30 days is possible if no adequate candidates applied.

Excluded are any offers which are not specified or for more than one position, for example “Sales Repesantatives for Germany”, unless you can prove that there really were no applications.

Where do you list the job offers? Are there any partner websites?

Your job offer will directly be posted on

At the same time, it will also be published at the ISPO Job Market and their Content Pages, at the European Outdoor Group and at VSD-Verbrand für Sportökonomen.

Other job search boards like Indeed, Jobijoba and Jooble also index the job offers.

I want to publish a job during ISPO Munich or OutDoor by ISPO. How does it work?

A month before each event, you will find the option to book one or more job offers or a premium package on our booking page.

We will then publish your jobs online for 30 days and onsite at the corresponding event on our job wall.

In case of the premium package, we will publish up to 6 jobs online and onsite, as well as a Din A2 poster introducing your company.

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