The most popular Employers 2017: LinkedIn’s Top Companies

Find out about the top companies to work at around the world
The 18th of May was the day for the Academy Award of the world of employment! Every year, LinkedIn announces the Top Companies where employees love to work. Through their possibility to gain information from billions of employees in their own network, LinkedIn is able to determine the most popular employers in the world.

What makes employees happy

The list contains mostly brands we all know, but this is not the main reason for their popularity as employers. LinkedIn’s study shows that jobseekers are focusing more and more on a balance of work life and free time. Companies like Adobe offer their employees sabbaticals and extra free time for special milestones. Fitbit, no 32., even combines leisure time with working time through „Workout Wednesdays“, a running club and more. Moreover, it’s the little things that make their employees happy. At Under Armour, no. 16, employees gain access to free tickets to sporting events

The Top Employers of the USA in 2017

To make long story short, here’s the 20 top companies of the USA. For other countries, please see the Top French Companies here and the Top German Companies here.
  1. Alphabet (Google)
  2. Amazon
  3. Facebook
  4. Salesforce
  5. Uber
  6. Tesla
  7. Apple
  8. Time Warner
  9. The Walt Disney Company
  10. Comcast NBCUniversal
  11. Airbnb
  12. Netflix
  13. McKinsey & Company
  14. Dell Technologies
  15. Workday
  16. Under Armour
  17. Twitter
  18. CBRE
  19. Visa
  20. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

So, how does LinkedIn get their data?

The study covers all companies with more than 500 employees. According to their Methology, LinkedIn then analyses their given data with respect to three main questions: The popularity of a job posting, the interest of jobseekers in a company profile and its career chances. Last but not least, with growing turnover rates, one of the main aspects is whether employees stay in the same company for over a year or even longer.To see a full list of the USA or other countries, please check the original blog post by LinkedIn here.

eSports on the rise: The recognition of gaming in the sports world

eSports is on the rise in 2017
The stadium is filled to its limits with thousands of people watching their favorite athletes. The audience jumps up, cheers or watches in still excitement. You’d expect them following their favorite football team, instead they watch people in front of screens battling each other in a video game.So called „Eletronic Sports“ are on the rise, having developed from a hobby to a profession. Players are competing for million high prices, for fame and recognition. 
There are official teams, for example from the german premier football club Schalke 04, officially playing Counter Strike or Fifa 2017. The most played game though is League of Legends with over 100 million players per month. Since 2011 the League of Legends World Championship is held, where champions from the game compete live in a stadium. Even in their first season they already reached out to 1.6 million spectators. Just to get a feeling for it: In 2016 more people watched the League of Legends Tournament than the NBA finals. 
E-Sports is getting more and more popular throughout the world and thus, creating a growing industry.

The future is now: eSports industry is growing

According to Business Insider, people spend more and more of their time watching eSports. In 2016, spectators watched professional competitions for a total of six billion hours.Who scores these times? The audience is about 300 million people worldwide, hopefully reaching more than 500 million spectators in the next 3 years. The viewing takes part mostly online, brought to audiences by broadcasts and especially reaching younger markets. The fame is offering the game industry a complete new way of growing by giving options for advertising and selling the viewing rights of their events. Last year, for example, Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, scored a landmark 2-year exclusive broadcasting agreement with BAMTech valued at $300 million. 
This makes clear, that eSports is no longer an occasion only for special conventions, but a possibility for mainstream events all over the world.

Milestones for eSport: Official recognition as profession and sports

Merely a month ago, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) announced that e-sports will be an official part of the Asian Games (Asiad) in 2022. If you haven’t heard of them yet: The Asian Games is the second largest multi-sport event, after the Olympic Games, held in Asia. This way, eSports reaches out for not only fans of eSports, but for the first time for a massive global audience. 
The OCA said that their decision is based on the “the rapid development and popularity of this new form of sports participation among the youth.” It’s a huge step to be recognized as a real competitive sports instead of a digital hobby.They even make an impact on our system: A couple of das ago, France passed a decree protecting professional eSports Players, explaining what makes a professional sports athlete in France and defining exactly how a contract for players must look like. Furthermore, this is just the beginning: This very basic guide marks the first step for regulating the industry world wide, showing clearly their growing significance.
„To put in perspective how big eSports is becoming, a Google search for "lol" does not produce "laughing out loud" as the top result. Instead, it points to League of Legends, one of the most popular competitive games in existence.“ (Business Insider)

How to communicate your worth – and earn what you deserve

learn how to be selfconfident enough to negotiate the salary you deserve
Do you get paid enough? This is probably a question most of us can’t really answer. We have insecurities about our job: Do we work hard enough and at the same time are our efforts really seen?
 Fact is, that a lot of people don’t earn what they really deserve - not only because companies try to save money. But also because we don’t know how to communicate it. Even if we feel like we should get a promotion, it’s hard to argue for it and to know which amount was adequate. So, how does it work? Here’s three steps how to communicate your worth:

Figure out your own value

To tell someone what you feel like a fair salary, you actually have to know your own worth first. It’s not easy to define it as the regular human being tends to underestimate himself. This means that you have to learn to evaluate yourself in a correct way, and even to convince yourself that you’re worth it. Oh boy, doesn’t sound easy, does it? Well,that’s the moment when there should be all eyes on Casey Brown and her Ted Talk „Know your worth, and then ask for it.“ Casey names several key questions that a freelancer or an entrepreneur needs to ask to evaluate their appropriate fee. However, most of them do work for employees just perfectly or just need a little change to fit:
  • What are my job’s needs and how to I meet them?
  • What are my (unique) skills that make me better qualified to fulfill my tasks?
  • What do I do in my job that no one (in the department or even company) does?
  • What am I an expert on?
  • What problems do I solve for my company?
  • Even: Which problems did I solve for my company in the past?
After answering these, you’ll probably see which part you play in your company. There’s no need to feel small. If you do your job well, be confident! Learn about your value and convince your boss about it.

Know about salaries: Of your profession and your colleagues

In our society this is actually still a taboo. You’d probably never ask your coworkers about their salary, neither your neighbors - you might actually not even know what your significant other earns. But why? We keep it a secret, so the system won’t crash. When we talk open about it - there might be arguments, greed and envy. Maybe you earn more than your best friend - or even worse, he earns more than you. The truth looks different though. Not knowing what the others earn, often leads to a feeling of being treated unfair. Because - talking about underestimation again - most people suppose they earn less than their colleagues.That’s why young start-ups tend to work with a salary transparency so employees know exactly what their colleagues earn. The result is that people feel treated in a more equal way, there’s even less people quitting. So, knowing the payment of others, helps the atmosphere in a company. Moreover, and that’s more important for us right now, it will help you set your own value.
 Knowing the wage average of your profession in your region or in companies from the same size & same industry is a good way to evaluate whether your salary expectations fit or not. Just google it. Portals like Payscale deliver the needed information.

Speak up for yourself - communicate your worth

So, finally we figured out what you’re worth. Step one is accomplished, that’s great! Step two is not easier in any bit. Even when you know your worth, you might still feel afraid to ask for it. But letting your work speak for yourself rarely does the trick. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to praise yourself. What is important is to speak up for yourself, with self-confidence. You know your value and thanks to the key questions and data about wave average, you even have great arguments up your sleeve. This is how you can influence the thinking of your boss - not telephatically. So, find your own voice and negotiate. Feel confident, not fearful. Display expertise. If you don’t overdo it, you got a great chance to earn the promotion.

When your job bores you – should you stay or should you go now?

Sitting at your desk with no creativity and motivation?
We all know how it feels to be excited when you first start a job - and how it all can change when you start to feel bored. It’s monday. You already feel how hard it is to get out of bed, you take more time for your breakfast, because you just don’t want to start your working day. In the end, you drag yourself to your job, to procrastinate even more. Instead of working you’re probably looking for excuses to not get stuff done: pin some holiday locations on pinterest, stalk your colleagues’ weekends on Facebook or get the third coffee from the kitchen.Why? Because tasks that were challenging you before, are now fulfilled in a quick routine - your job stagnates. There’s nothing else to learn and that’s what frustrates you. The human being is made for progress. We set ourselves goals every day - and when we reach them, we don’t stop and live happily ever after. No. We are looking for new challenges. That’s what drives us and makes our life worthy. And you know what? That’s a really good thing!So, if your job bores you, it’s time to get a new challenge. The only question is: Should you stay or should you go?

The reason to stay

You got an expert in your job. It probably bores you, because you know how to finish your assignments easily and without having to find a way how to solve tasks. But this doesn’t have to be this way. We tend to wait for new chances - wait for life to hand us some lemons, you know what they say. What about growing some yourself? When you first started your job, you probably weren’t afraid to ask for help when you didn’t know what to do. Go back to asking - or the other way round offering help to your colleagues. You know, when you fulfilled your tasks, your colleague might appreciate your support for his work when he has just way too much on his desk. This way, you’ll be able to take a view in his field of work and learn something new.The second option is actually to talk to your boss about your state of mind. Normally, a good employer won’t be mad about a team member asking for new projects. It actually shows that you have what it takes to even push the company to the next level. Furthermore, it shows initiative - that you want to gain new skills. It could even be the way to a promotion. Before you ask though, make yourself a plan: Think of a project that would help your department or the company. Show the concept you already made. This way, it will be a lot easier for him to approve it - because a new project also often means to spend a little budget. 

The reason to go

Not only the tasks don’t excite you anymore, but you feel as though the job just doesn’t fit? That’s the moment finding new projects at work might not be a fulfilling solution.When it’s more than boredom of your tasks, you’ll realize that you’re actually unhappy. You spend moments during your free time or even at night, wrecking your brain about your work, missing the feeling of satisfaction. The reasons for it vary. It could be that you might have expected something else from your job. Maybe the company’s or department’s culture changed, they set new goals that you can’t identify with. Or maybe it’s just your circumstances and priorities that shifted. 
Anyway, the result is that you don’t feel comfortable at your job and that you might feel like your work isn’t appreciated or doesn’t have the effect you wish for. That’s another level of being bored at work. It’s like being bored of life and the moment you have to get a big change to spice it up again.That’s the moment to look for a new job. This doesn’t mean that you have to rush things and quit first thing tomorrow morning. It means taking your time to figure out what you are looking for in a job and a company. Look for fitting positions, what they offer and how you feel about it. You might want to consider these 6 things for what your ideal job would look like:
  • Do I want to stay in my current field or explore a career change?
  • Does the job fit my interests?
  • Do I identify with the company culture & goals?
  • Is it a chance to improve myself?
  • Does the job offer any opportunities for advancement?
  • What are the benefits?
After all, choose wisely. We wish you good luck!

4 crowdfunding projects which will revolutionize the sport industry of 2017

crowdfunding projects of 2017 ©indiegogo
Crowdfunding is one of the fantastic inventions of our generation. Instead of limiting products and business start ups to people who can afford it, it offers a new possibility. It gives people a chance to create and dream - and infect other people with their ideas. If they manage to do so, the community helps them to realize their creations by funding money. Communities like indiegogo are portals where bright heads can present their projects and raise money to make them come true.With the designs in the „health and fitness“ category of indiegogo, 4 great entrepreneurs might revolutionize the sports sector. In 2017, the following ideas either just got financed or are right now in the process of collecting money. Anyway, all 4 of them could change the future of sports. For us, all of them are worth being supported. So take your time and learn about the upcoming sport products in 2017 that could thrill you as well.

Calm. Wearable ECG for sports and sleep analyses

The idea behind the wearable ECG from Yoshiko Date / Arrow Electronics is to help athletes (hobby or professional) to train in a safer way. An ECG monitors your heart frequency, detecting the physical loading of the heart or any irregular heart rhythms. Normally, it is used at a health check-up by your doctor. The CALM is the portable version which is supposed to be affordable for everyone, giving athletes the option to measure their own heart frequency when working out. It helps making your training more effective and will prevent any injuries. Moreover, it will be able to analyze your sleep efficiency and your „CALMness“. The factor is based on data of your stress and relaxation level. All in all, the goal is to optimize your training and thus your physical and mental performance.The launch of the calm project at indiegogo was on the 12th of April - with the help of crowdfunding they hope to be able to begin the production in May. Find out more about it here: Project "Calm" on indiegogo 

MOAR. Fat Tire, Folding Frame, Electric Bicycle

Indiegogo - MoarThere it goes again - the next 4-letter project. The E-Bike MOAR. It’s a fat tire bike with a 85 mile range through a 1000w motor and 48v battery with full suspension and a great design. The smart heads behind are the developer Moar Bikes and -again - Arrow Electronics. When I think of an E-Bike, I see a city bike for people who want to get through the city a little quicker. Given the Moar, that’s a completely different story. Not only does the design remind of an extreme mountain bike, it also has great features. It brings a lot of fun for the outdoor loving person as the bike can handle almost any terrain thanks to its 4 inch tires and high power. Just imagine going offroad through mud and mountains with it. Adventure time!The launch at indiegogo was already in february 2017 and brought up enough money so that the e-bike could already be produced - still, if you want to know more and support the next idea, the MOAR still runs for about one more week: Project "Moar" on indiegogo 

Delphin: Run and swim with apps WITHOUT your phone

The Delphin is for all athletes who love to get their workout spiced up by a great soundtrack. The small device offers the possibility to use your favorite apps like spotify or soundcloud without taking your phone. Not only is it a lot lighter, the whole design and functionality is made for sports. Especially swimmers often have to take the risk of damaging their phone by bringing it into the water - a case is rarely 100% waterproof. The delphin though is and operates even under water, just with a touchscreen. Moreover, it will be delivered with either regular waterproof headphones or the first waterproof bluetooth headphones, so no need for distraction through cable salad. The idea was developed by Scott Walker, USA, who is himself a sport enthusiast. Think of it as a waterproof smart watch.Scott already got the amount to mass produce the delphin, but still works on improving it and adding it more features. Stay up to date here: Project "Delphin" on indiegogo 

BG7 Super Brain 2

Have you seen the movie limitless? Well, the Super Brain 2 makes it come to reality. It’s a device making studying more efficient by helping people focus and even raise your consciousness through neurofeedback. So how does it work? Our brain communicates through brain wave patterns. Each of these patterns is connected to a certain state of mind, with the SMR wave being the one connected to concentration. If you manage to send these waves through your brain, you can rise your level of consciousness. that’s what the Super Brain does. Even if it sounds a little creepy, it might be an escape for students relying on drugs to study harder for their exams, offering them a healthy way.If you want to know more, the developer explain a lot more about the Project "Superbrain" on indiegogo © Images by Indiegogo

An internship in the sports industry: Meet Linda, our new team member!

The team behind the job board Sportyjob
What is it like to start an internship in the sports industry? Will I fit in, will I meet my boss’ and colleagues’ expectations and do I have even what it takes in order to be successful at Sportyjob? My thoughts were filled with many more than those three tricky questions as I arrived at the office in Biarritz not too long ago. I was – and still am - very enthusiastic about becoming part of the Sportyjob team and its continuous growth. The day I received the good news that Lennart and Andy wanted me to become part of their team, I felt very happy and confident on the one hand but at the same time, a feeling of uncertainty and curiosity pervaded me rapidly. I would like to get you involved in how it all started, what I did before in terms of education and why I chose to apply for an internship in the sport department. Here it goes!The relevant thread of my educational career probably started when I left my hometown in Germany to spend one year abroad in the United States in 2010. I decided to apply for an exchange student program when I was 15 years old and luckily, I got placed in Petal, Mississippi, where many influences started to shape my personality. Back then, I was already looking for athletic challenges and I loved to practice sports in my free time. I never imagined it could be part of my professional career one day though. The next step that affected my decision regarding study programs and hence, my professional development, was the gap year after I graduated in Germany in 2013. I spent six months in Australia trying to find out what continuative path to choose – but I got stuck, it appeared to be a dead end! Eventually, right after I had settled back in at home, I decided to enroll myself for a study program named Languages and Business Administration at the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau (University of Applied Sciences of Zwickau), focusing on the French language. And still, I was practicing sports and trying to compensate daily issues with physical activity, therefore I never lost interest in working in the sports industry later on.I started to ponder what job could practically combine my passion for sport and the interest in a professional occupation that pays the bills as well. Due to the fact that the third year of my Bachelor program is obligatory to be spent abroad (in my case it had to be a French partner university), I moved to the south of France in August 2016 and continued my studies in Perpignan. The time flew by and I started looking for attractive internship opportunities to fulfill the mission determined by the Licence Professionnelle en GPOD, that I had started at the UPVD ( Université de Perpignan Via Domitia).As mentioned earlier, Sportyjob welcomed me on behalf of their team and I soon got excited about discovering the region of Biarritz online before I actually moved to Aquitaine. Even though I just recently started my internship, I already notice how fast the gain in experience takes place and that I do not only benefit from the input given by my boss but also of qualitative hints and remarks given by my colleagues. I am looking forward to develop personal and linguistic skills as I work at Sportyjob, precisely because I know that the knowledge transfer is based on valuable experience and personally developed know-how that I cannot wait to seek.Don’t wait too long to send in your application, do it now! Sport jobs and especially internships are being filled within a blink of an eye – I know that now!

adidas revolutionizes sport industry: The futurecraft 4D made from light and oxygen

A revolutionary product designed by adidas
adidas is known for its revolutionary ideas in sneaker design. The latest technology of the "Futurecraft 4D" presented by adidas on April 7, 2017 shows that the company will take it to a new level!
The shoe has  midsoles made of light and oxygen. How is this possible? With a shoe manufacturing that makes even 3D printing look old. The Digital Light Synthesis, developed by the Californian Start-Up Carbon, creates a high-performance shoe using digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics and programmable liquid resins. A process that is similar to the 3D print, but allows much faster and higher quality production. The developed resins of carbon are known for their pronounced elasticity and longevity - something that the 3D print has up to now not been able to deliver.The midsole is characterized by experience: for a total of 17 years, adidas has collected and analyzed data to design and shape these chambers of the sole. In this way the midsole could be optimized for each sports, depending on the important factors delivered by analysis. However,  not only allows this technology prototypes, but the production of individual, personalized shoes for every athlete. A new era of sports shoes!You can find further information on the Futurecraft 4D on the official adidas site.

5 reasons why doing sports will make you succeed at work

Sports will make you succeed
Isn’t it awesome when a hobby is not only making you happy, but will also increase your success at work? 
We all know that doing sports is benefitting your health and appearance, but there’s a little more to it. If you work out on a regular base, you’ll automatically gain new soft skills and important strengths - which is like a level-up for your job! Sounds great, doesn't it?But how exactly does your work benefit from you doing sports? Here’s 5 ways how working out regularly will influence your career:

It will lower your stress level - enormously!

We all know the feeling of work building up pressure, messing with our heads by rising our stress level. A bit of it can be very motivating, kicking you to get stuff done or to help you focus on a task. However, often enough our stress level rises too high, especially when there’s a big project in the launch and there’s just way too much work. Even though it will probably lower eventually, sports can help you speeding up the process. It doesn’t matter if you go for a run, swimming, to the gym or play basketball on the field with some friends: Just get your body working.

What happens in your body when you stress out

Here’s why: Stress emerges in the so-called prefrontal cortex. This part of your brain is processing all the information you receive during the day, reducing it to the relevant data. Moreover, this data influences how you (re-)act on daily tasks. So what happens when there’s too much data to process? If you spread yourself too thin, your brain will be overexerted with the amount of information. Hence, processing it in a slower way or not at all - it will freeze like your phone when you open too many apps. The result will be anxiety and stress.

Sports will help you reduce your stress level

Normally, if you found yourself in a situation scaring you, you’d run. Just imagine being on a climb when a storm comes up. You’d want to get down to the ground as fast as you can, you’d run away. It’s a routine anchored in our DNA, so your body affects on it by preparing for movement.When you find yourself in a situation of stress at work though, you’ll try it to sit it out - which is not helping at all. Listen to your body and actually run. It will relief the anxiety and re-activate your brain. So, doing sports to help reducing your stress level, is actually the natural way of doing so. You’ll feel better fast and will manage to climb that mountain up to the top!

You’ll end up having more power than before!

Smiling athlete after a matchWorking all day will leave you tired in the evening, increasing the urge to sit on the couch with a movie and a quick dinner before going to bed. A repetitive scheme.  To be honest: This will probably leave you even more tired than before. Sitting a lot, dealing with boring or demanding tasks throughout your job costs a lot of energy.Sports on the other hand will actually bring you energy! Working out can re-energize you, building your endurance and this way, providing you with more power for your daily life. Also, doing sports most of the times also comes with a healthy nutrition - the best way to fill your bar.

Competition: Learning how to win and to lose

Competition: It can be you pushing yourself to a new record in running. Or on the other hand a match against your opponent when you develop the strong desire to win (and kick his ass). 
However, both is about training and pushing your limits to improve - become a better version of your old self. The results of winning speak for themselves: You’ll be proud of yourself, raising your self-esteem and end up being more content. A great feeling, isn’t it? Not only for your personal life!Happiness and confidence are important factors for your job. 
No matter if you manage a team that you’ll have to guide and inspire or if you work on your own: You need confidence to achieve a goal. It will help you be more assure of yourself, dare you to bring in your own ideas in the next team meeting or try a different way to solve a task than you did before. Winning helps you develop braveness. Something that for a lot of us just doesn’t come at ease.The other side of the medal, of course, is losing. You’ll have a day, even after a winning streak, when someone’s just better than you. In sports, but also at work. Sports will teach you how to deal with it. Instead of being sore, you’ll learn to get up again, trying harder next time. On the day that you suffer a setback at work, it will be a lot easier to not let it bring you down. Instead it will motivate you to get back up and try harder!

It will teach you a lot about strength of the mind

In addition to rise your confidence, sports on a regular base will also train your mind. If you can bring up the endurance to train several times a week, you’ll also be able to develop consistency for your next project at work. The focus to concentrate on your career, even if there might be days when it feels like time stood still. Success doesn’t just fall into your lap, it’ the result of endurance and discipline.Take surfing for example: On the first day, you’ll hardly stand up on the board. But if you try over and over again, even after you wipe-out, you’ll eventually master riding waves. Your mindset is the most important part about it: Not giving up when luck doesn’t cross your way.  A short Video about how sports benefits our body and mind

It can be a great way to meet new people to get you inspired

Last but not least, networking. Sports is a great way of meeting new people!
It can be your team members from soccer who have experience in a similar job, sharing with you some insights. In the blog „How to find a job that you love“ we already wrote about how the people surrounding you can inspire you. They’ll help you push your boundaries or create new ideas. So, meeting people in sports will confront you with people who are also confident and consistent - a great combination for strong minds! Who knows, you could even end up with a new career path. There’s always opportunity of meeting an influent person offering you a new job. One thing is for sure: You already have something in common.

Start your career with adidas: Calling for future talents 2017/18

Are you interested in creating something new? Check out adidads careers
Have you heard of the future talents program from adidas? All over the world adidas gives young people the chance to shape their own future and the one of the sports brand. With apprenticeship and dual study programs for school graduates, internships for students and their functional trainee program for everyone looking for a job after university. Just the right entry in the sports industry and in one of the top sports brands worldwide. With all in all 7 headquarters and 20 international hubs, we are talking about career opportunities in almost every part of the world.Here’s the thing: adidas recruites one year in advance, opening their positions for a special period only. And right now there’s the chance to apply for their Functional Trainee Program, for example offering sport jobs in Product Marketing and Creation. You can still apply for open positions until the 17th or 30th of April.But what about the other programs? We took our time to summarize the possible adidas career entries. There’s one thing they all have in common though: a passion for sports and the will to influence the future of sport.By the way: Current sport jobs from adidas can be found here.

Internships at adidas: For pupils and students

Just imagine a sneak preview in your future job: That’s what the internships at adidas are meant for. For pupils, the internships last a week and normally take part in the summer break. Normally, if you like what you see, that’s an early entry for a later comeback. The internships for students are the more intensive version of this. It’s still a preview into your sports career, with internships in PR, Marketing and Communications and other fields. Six months long you’ll be able to gain experience, share your ideas and prepare for the time after graduation. The positions are offered world wide in the different adidas headquarters, for  example in New York, close to Munich, Portland or Hong Kong, to name just a few. One of the most mentionable parts of the recruitment at adidas is definitely their hiring criteria: Instead of only hiring students with best grades, they rate the whole profile - your engagement and motivation make all the difference!However, to apply you either need to be enrolled in university or be in your Gap Year between Bachelor and Master. 

Your career entry without studying: An apprenticeship at adidas

Especially for young people with a hands-on attitude: An apprenticeship will change school books against practical engagement. The apprenticeship takes place in one of the headquarters of adidas. The different possibilities prepare you for jobs in sport management positions, IT, Media Design or even more practical jobs like shoemaker. 

The possible apprenticeships are:
  • Office Management Assistant
  • Management Assistant for Personnel Services
  • Retail Management Assistant
  • Sales Associate
  • Computer Science Expert – System Integration
  • Computer Science Expert – Software Development
  • Warehouse Logistics Expert
  • Shoemaker
  • Shoe Finsher
  • Orthopaedic Shoemaker
  • Product Refiner – Textiles
  • Audiovisual Media Designer
In the 2-3 years, you’ll switch the different departments of the sports company every 3-6 months, combined with 1 or 2 days of class where you’ll learn about the theoretical background. No matter if you imagine your future at adidas, the apprenticeship will give you enough experience to start your career in the sports industry and live your passion.

The Functional Trainee Program for Graduates

With their functional trainee program adidas aims for graduates who look for jobs in the sports sector. Working in the fast changing industry needs more than motivation, but a will to stay up to date with the development, based on flexibility, creativity and passion. The FTP will train you in one and a half years of work at adidas with the hard and soft skills to master the expectations of the industry.You’ll start your job in an adidas store to be close to the clients and the lifestyle of adidas, before changing to the departments in the hubs. However, don’t expect to start in the comfort of your home base: Your first stop will be in a department abroad, challenging you right from the start with not only a new job, but also new surroundings to handle. An exciting opportunity to gain international experience in different teams. By the way team: Being able to work in a team is essential for jobs in sports. That’s why team projects with other trainees will teach you how to bring in your own strengths and also learn from others. Furthermore, during your whole traineeship, you’ll have a guiding mentor from one of the departments who will offer advice and orientation

Dual Study Program: Combine Work & Study

While a degree can prepare your brain for mastering complex ideas by founding a theoretical base and teach you skills on how to increase productivity and creativity, the practical experience can show you how different real life can be from the theory. That’s why the dual study program by adidas extends your studies with practical engagement. For 3 years, every three months you’ll switch university for an office in one of the different departments of adidas. According to your field of study, each practical engagement will take you to another relevant department giving you the chance to put your learned theory into practice. Furthermore, even during your lectures, there’ll be one day per week in the office, so you won’t lose the connection to your department. adidas offers 7 different degrees which are
  • Bachelor of Arts in Management in Commerce
  • Bachelor of Arts in RSW Accounting & Controlling
  • Bachelor of Arts in Taxes and Auditing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Industry 4.0
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Dialogue & Online Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems
Biggest plus? It’s a guaranteed entry into a career at adidas.If you want more information about the jobs at adidas or the requirements, it can be found in their career portal.© images: adidas

How to spend your lunch break: Time out from your desk

Get out of the office and enjoy your break
Let’s be honest: Most of us don’t make it out of the office or not even away from the desk in our lunch break. We chew on our sandwich while checking the 35 mails we didn’t answer yet or make a quick visit to the cafeteria so we’ll be back to work asap! Our society seems to be obsessed with work, feeling the pressure to push our limits every day.
We spend most of our time per day for our jobs, so it’s especially important to use your break exactly what it’s meant for: For taking a break. (Pretty obvious.) 
Not only will it increase your well-being, but also your creativity and productivity in the following hours by refreshing your concentration. As a result, you’ll be able to accomplish so much more with a decreased stress level.Just to make it clear: What we’re talking about is getting out, not scrolling through your favorite memes, get stuck on your Facebook news feed or dream away of what you could be doing instead.  Leave your computer behind and…

Let’s get out of the office

Seriously. That’s the biggest step. No matter what you do, just change your surroundings, even if it will be only for half an hour. Take a walk or make a bike tour - fresh air and a little wind will free your mind from work. 
When your job happens to be in a big town like paris or munich, find a little green: A park or the suburbs. Imagine seeing a different color than grey - isn’t it nice?The best of your little adventure will be the benefits for your mental and physical health. People keep talking about desk yoga when actually a walk in the lunch break keeps you fit and healthy easily.

Learn some new skills

You know how long it takes to learn a new language? Only five minutes per day. After a hard day of work you might not have the power to do so in the evening. 
Take the time in your lunch break instead - there are great apps for learning spanish, french and even business english. Or oldschool: Grab a book and take a seat in your favorite café or visit the library. If you’re not in the mood for theory - especially when sitting on a desk all day - what about cooking, fitness, photography classes? There’s plenty of options! Not only will it be a lot of fun, but will bring you to your next level - and maybe even your job when your skills come in handy. Also, they will give you more self confidence for the next talk about raise!

Work out, do sports, improve your health

A walk or a bike tour is one way to stay fit in your lunchbreak. But seriously, you can push this even more! Take an hour to improve your fitness. Sports increase your health - physically and mentally. If there’s a gym around the corner, work out. Not your thing? Many cities offer great yoga and meditation classes at lunch time - so employees can take part. Also, they focus on concentration and your back which is stressed by sitting so much. If you are happy enough to work near the ocean, go swimming or surfing - a wipe out clears your head much better than any meditation ever could.

Meet with friends & strangers

Grab a coffee with friends or even people you don’t know that well yet instead of your office colleagues. It will keep your head away from work during your lunch time. It might even inspire your for later tasks, no matter if you catch up with old friends or new ones. Your personal life is a big factor of happiness. We are social, even if we only need one or two people in our lifes, so socialise.You see - use your time wisely. It will help you to re-energize.