All you need to know about sport studies & the career after

Whether you are looking for the right university or which course you want to study – this blog will inform you about sport studies around Europe. It’s not easy to figure out what you want to become in the future – knowing „it’s got to be something with sports“ is already a step in the right direction. For the rest, the information in this blog might help you choose your path. It keeps you informed about the different possibilities of studying sports, the fields of study and the ways into the sports industry after that. Learn more about first job experiences with insides in internships and traineeships at small & big brands.

Sport Job Day: Your career compass for the french sports industry

Sport Job Day: Our recruitment event on the 13th of June in Paris
Where will your degree or apprenticeship take you? The Sport Job Day is your chance to define your next steps. Take part on the 13th of June in Paris and present yourself to recruiters from the french sports business.

Introducing the Sport Job Day

The Sport Job Day is a recruitment event for young adults, graduates and apprentices, with an active lifestyle and the desire to start a career in sports. On the 13th of June 2018, companies & young career interested come together in Stade Jean Bouin in Paris to connect and get to know each other. For the last decade, the sports sector has been one of the biggest growing employers in Europe, offering more than 200.000 jobs in France alone. A development resulting in the creation of entry positions for school & university graduates - and enough reason to dedicate a whole recruitment event to the sports sector alone. Not only will interested graduates have the chance to inform themselves about employment possibilities and professions, but directly participate in workshops & interviews with recruiters.

The programme

Similar to a job ferry, sports brands present themselves in set-up booths, giving insights into their work environment, as well as employment and training opportunities. Team members from Human Recources will be there to answer all your questions - and for you to gain valuable contacts. In 10 minute Speed Dating Interviews, applicants and companies immerse in an straight-to-the-point dialogue to learn more about each others character & qualities - a short, but effective way to figure out if it's a match. It's a place to learn: In conferences, professionals lecture about related topics, for example new professions in the sports sector or give advice on how to conquer the international sports job market. Participate actively in workshops with headhunters and recruiters to improve your future applications and interviews. 

The Sport Job Day at a glance:


The details

  • When: 13.06.2018
  • Time: 10:00 - 17:00 h
  • Where: Stade Jean Bouin – Paris
An event for french-speaking
  • students
  • apprentices
  • young & active entry level candidates
The programme
  • Speed Job Dating: present yourself in 10 minutes
  • Workshops: Learn how to apply through recruiters from the sports industry
  • Exploration: of the sports business, employment and training possibilities

How to take part

All you need is a CV and self-confidence on the day of the event! If you'd like to participate in the Speed Dating, please apply in advance: Register for the Sport Job Day After registering, you'll be able to fill in your CV - we will look through the data to pick companies which fit your profile. In the next weeks, you will get updates on the schedule of the Sport Job Day, more infos to participating companies and about your interview slot. The participation is, of course, completely free.

For Employers

For sports companies interested in being a part of the Sport Job Day, please find the possible ways to participate on our event website.
Find out more about the Sport Job Day on the website by the two organisers Union Sport Cycle & Sportyjob:

What can I do with my sport degree?

Graduation from the University
Sport is an essential element of life. It’s no surprise that many people think about expanding their hobby, so why not make the passion a profession? 
The leading path to achieve this goal is studying sports. In Europe, universities offer a big range of different sport studies, giving you the option to choose the one interesting you the most.
Nevertheless, most students aren’t completely clear what will follow after. In no time you find yourself in the 4th semester wondering: What exactly can I do with my sports studies? First of all, career opportunities in sports are as diverse as sport is in general. Nevertheless, we would like to point out a few specific opportunities for you in the sporting sector, which we have encountered in our sport job vacancies.

Sports management or a combination of sports and business studies

Marketing, human resources or even finance - the economic influences on your career are obvious. Through the combination with sports, it is above all the companies of the sports industry that represent your future employers. In the HR department, in marketing, in sale: your own focus and interest decides which sport job you will score.

Job Examples:

  • Online Marketing Assistant: Conception and implementation of marketing projects
  • Program Manager: Develop new and improve existing product offerings
  • Account Manager: Analysis of trending sales and creation of buyer profiles to develop contingency strategies
Depending on the focus of your studies, there’ll be plenty of other options. For example, at many universities Public Relations is on the schedule, which prepares you for professions in PR agencies & media.
  • Press officer of sports clubs
  • Concept Copywriter at a publisher: Writing texts for products and advertising, or the development of strategic brand content

Science of sport: The course for athletes

Sports sciences is the closest way of studying active sport. Students learn about sport analyses and movement processes, with the impact on health and medicine . In theory and practice. Accordingly, the sports jobs after the degree are very close to the active sport sector.

Job Examples:

  • Trainers of teams and athletes
  • Trainer in fitness- and health studios
  • Consultant for rehabilitation centers and health insurance companies
  • Development of sports equipment & products
Combined with complementary studies or work experience, you can easily score jobs in other areas of the sport industry, too! Your degree of sport sciences guarantees expert knowledge, making you an interesting candidate for every job regarding sports.

Sport journalism: Working in media

Sport journalism aims at professions in media, i.e. for television, radio, press, publishers or online portals. Alternatively, sport journalists can be employed by PR departments and media agencies in the sports sector - all jobs which need journalistic skills.

Job Examples:

  • Editor (for tv, radio, press): Creating articles on current sporting events, interviewing experts for different channels
  • Programme manager: managing programme sales and productions
Who knows, you could be writing our Sporty Job Blog in the future!  

Last Thoughts: Tips for your career entry in the sport industry

Our overview will hopefully give you a little guidance and inspiration for your career in the sporty industry.
 If the examples aren't enough, just browse through our Sport Job Board and you will find plenty more! Nevertheless, as for every course of study, the completed degree - specialized or not - is not yet a success guarantor for a sport job. Study the subject that interests you the most and what suits you best - not the subject which seems to promise the safest way. Internships and jobs during your studies will give you an insight into the professions, as well as necessary experience and contacts. 
Of course, your sport journalism studies can get you an editorial department traineeship with a well-known sports magazine. But you can also achieve it with a study of sports science, your participance in the soccer club and a side job for the sports section of your local newspaper. Interest, commitment and contacts are the key factor for any career change.

An internship in the sport industry always is a good decision!

Meeting sportyjob

You are longing to establish yourself in the sport industry, but still don’t know in which area you want to land a sport job? Then a sport job internship is the perfect choice. Through that you will get to know the branch, socialize a lot and maybe will be offered a sport job - a lot of sport industry careers have started with internships. But often internships are preceded by their bad reputation, that is why today we are discussing the 3 most common clichés:

 1. An internship is just a waste of time!

Meeting sportyjob

Well, when sending out applications for a sport job you surely will recognize how important sport industry internships are. Even though an internship is not a proper sport job it still helps to gather experience, which is worth a mint in your CV. Times where interns had to care about the post and coffee are over, in the meantime interns are an essential part of every sport job company. An internship in the sport industry nowadays means exciting projects, a lot of responsibility and a steep learning curve. Of course it might be that your internship will let you recognize that this sport job is not the right one, but this is not a bad thing – actually this is what internships are there for.

2. I need to go on even if I don’t like it

No, you don’t. Of course you can quit. No one is forced to face an internship that daily causes stomach cramps. Like at a real sport job, the cancellation period is agreed in a internship contract, but the best thing to do is speak to your boss and try to find new tasks in your sport job. By the way: you should also seek talks if you are overwhelmed or unchallenged with the amounts of tasks, since there is nothing more frustrating than a super stressful or boring sport job internship! No matter if the internship confirms your idea of a career in the sport industry or not, one thing is for sure – it will enrich your CV, you will gather important information and very likely meet important persons, which might help you finding a sport job later on.

3. I’m just a cheap temp!


Internship Sport Job

If you break down the monthly internship salary to an hourly basis, the payment of an internship might make you pull a wry face. But you should always keep in mind, why you are doing this sport job internship: for none less than yourself. And after all there are almost no unpaid internships in the sport industry anymore. That means since most interns are still students, they will get by with the usual amount of payment. If you might have the feeling that you are not learning enough in your internship and are exploited, then you should have a talk to the HR. Purpose of an sport job internship is to acquire practical skills and experience. If this is not the case, the employer is guilty of an offense because internships are regulated by law.

Since we know, how important a sport job internship in the sports industry can be for students and young professionals, we created an own category for sport job internships on Sportyjob: There you can find almost 30 sport jobs at both, known companies like Adidas, Quiksilver and Nike, and newcomers like or Someride. Just pass by and find the perfect internship in the sports industry!