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The first months in a new sport job – how to make your colleagues fall in love with you

You successfully survived the first few weeks of your new sport job and soon will leave the probationary period behind. Actually everything is perfect, but unfortunately there is still missing the common touch with your colleagues…

The happiness factor of sport job stands and falls with the team. And this means that it doesn’t matter if your boss likes you. If you don’t feel integrated in the team after a few weeks, you seriously should think about looking for a new job. But maybe you just had a bad start. We have racked our brains and thought about some traps you should avoid and things that will make your colleagues absolutely fall in love with you.

Gossip is a no go

Well, we don’t need to deceive ourselves: in every company there are the ones that are only happy when they are able to bitch about others. If you want to integrate and get friends with the other (nice and honest) colleagues, you really should stay away from these persons. Even if the collective backbiting conveys a kind of togetherness, you should be really careful, since these persons will definitely gossip viciously as well about you behind your back. Another taboo is to commit something to a member of this group. No matter if you just ended your relationship, don’t like your current project or had a bad hangover the last weekend – within only a few seconds the whole company will know.


You are working in an action sports company and can’t spare your suit just like Barney Stinson? No surprise it doesn’t work out with the colleagues! Sad but true: clothes make people. And if everyone looks at you like you are from another galaxy, you really should consider changing your style, since birds of a feather flock together…so grab your old skateboard clothes and find new friends!

The cake case

Jep – the case with the cake! Again an unspoke rule, but to be honest: Everyone loves colleagues with cake (of course loads of yummi cake). Absolute no one can resist awesome cake – this is the perfect trick to win the team over to your side

Give your colleagues the feeling to be needed

Everybody likes the feeling to be needed and so do your new sport job colleagues. So just ask them, if you have any questions. But be careful: don’t ask stupid stuff, otherwise everyone will think that you are a bit dumb. But now and then asking them for advice will provide closeness and thereby friendship.

You know any other tips how to gain the trust of your colleagues? We are happy to hear about them in our comment section!

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