How to write and optimize your CV

Want to work in the sports industry ? Some thoughts for your CV.

After more than 20 years of experience I have seen more than a few profiles and CVs. I am happy to share this experience with you to help in the drafting and design of your resume. Here are my first thoughts.

Adapt your CV

If you work in the creative, digital, communication or marketing fields, it stands to reason that your resume has to be original: use color trends, dare to use a color or design you like and fully assume the resume you submit. However, if you’re in finance, logistics, or HR, I recommend sticking to more traditional tones, but without sliding towards a sad CV.

There are beautiful models for each profession. Choose a color you like, but this should be your only fantasy, unless you are a designer (graphic designers in particular).

A CV for each level of experience

If your profile is still junior it is not always easy to find enough content to put in your resume. You need to find assets in your out-of-office activities to bring out qualities capable of seducing a recruiter.

If you do not have an internship or experience to write about, but you have competed in tennis to a good level or you are a golfer with an interesting handicap, you’ve got it! Your experience in athletic competition shows that you can surpass yourself, work hard, and demonstrate discipline and competition.

For students and young graduates, aim to keep your resume to a single page PDF document. Be concise and write simply.

However, If you have a profile of ten years experience, do not hesitate to put everything on two pages, and write about your skills and projects with examples, concrete facts, and supporting figures. Especially if you are in the Commercial field, figures must be commented and easy to understand.

The final touch (or French flair …)

In addition to your CV on paper, to make it easier to read and to be on trend, you can add a link that redirects to your Linkedin profile. Why not add a QR code for the recruiter to flash and be immersed directly in your universe, or icons for each brand / company, to highlight your skills or interests.

Whatever you do, you need to be proud of your CV: it is your business card, and must be the best way of selling your skills. Feel free to put your non-work activities on your CV; sometimes they are a great way to decide between candidates with similar careers. This is particularly valuable when applying to startups where hands-on qualities are indispensable.

Before sending …

Remember to check and proofread your CV several times, but also by others, to avoid typing errors, which sometimes make a very bad impression on recruiters, who may even put your CV in the wrong pile. Remember to look at your LinkedIn profile and make sure you have the same content as in your resume and that the links work well. Time is often short when reading CVs. On average recruiters spend less than 2 minutes in the selection phase, so give yourself every chance of success this.

You’re almost there, but not before checking your Facebook account one last time, if you have one. Sometimes recruiters have a quick look there, and it will not make a good impression if they find only party pictures or information that will not help your selection. So either you need to clean it up or create a Facebook pro profile to show your professionalism.

Good luck!

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