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How to survive an assessment centre

assessment sportyjob

You just found the perfect sport job, applied and got invited to an assessment centre, which in first hand just totally stresses you out. But what exactly is it, how can you shine in there and why do companies keep annoying us with it?

Assessment WHAT?assessment sportyjob


Never heard about assessment centres? Then it is definitely time to catch up, since they are increasingly common in all kind of sport job companies. Assesment centres are places, usually the company’s office, where potential employees have to show their hard and soft skills during a variety of tests, such as role plays, group exercises, interviews and many more. During those tests candidates have to prove themselves and show that they fit well into the company. Assessment centres are especially made to see how you cope under pressure and which role you will have in a group full of strangers.

Instrument of torture?


Firstly, an assessment centre is not meant to torture us, even if it really seems like that. Okay, admittedly, it will be nerve-wracking and at times you might be close to tears, but you need to see it as a chance. There won’t be so many days where you first found a company, then arrange a whole sales and branding plan and in the end pitch your marketing concept, so keep calm and try to have fun. It is not about life or death, only about a job.

How to deal with it?teamwork sportyjob


Try to focus and think about how you would approach the tasks if you really were in the job.  Prepare thoroughly before the assessment centre and try to figure out what kind of skills you need to have to fit the bill. Is it a management position? Then take responsibility and be the leader of the group. Is it an assistant role? Then try to help out and be a good teamworker. But most important: don’t dissimulate and be yourself. And if you want to use an unconventional approach just do it – companies love to see creative candidates.

And if it won’t work out with the sport job don’t be demoralized. Best thing is to be brave and ask, why the company didn’t choose you for the sport job and on this basis improve your performance in the next assessment centre.

We wish you good luck! 

The importance of a compelling personal online brand for the job search

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Are you on LinkedIn? Typed in your CV on Facebook or even maintain a XING-profile? Then you are on the best way to create your personal online brand. But how important is that for the job search? Actually it could be indispensable. Here are the reasons why and what you should consider to build a compelling brand:


manager sportyjob

A strong personal online brand nowadays is absolutely important for the job search, since a lot of employers are using professional networks and social media platforms as a basis for decision making after they received your resume. Of course, this always depends on the industry you want to work in, but if this is any kind of somehow media-related industry you should definitely take care about your online performance or you will miss out being considered for jobs.


Here are a few points you need to consider to build a strong personal brand: 

1. Networks

There are two types of networks: Professional networking sites and social media sites which are easily visible for other persons. Considering professional networks there is an enormous spectrum but by far the most important one is LinkedIn. If you are looking for jobs in the German-speaking sector there is also Xing, which got quite big in the recent years. Talking about social media, of course, Facebook is crucial but also Twitter and Instagram might be a place to find out further information about potential candidates.

2. Professionality

Always make sure that all the profiles you maintain are at least a bit professional. That means that you rather delete or hide all embarrassing party shots and selfies and always try to make an overall good impression. Some privacy insights of course might be congenial as long as they are not “too private” if you know what we mean…


3. Publicity & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are searching for a job actively, please make sure that all your profiles are public, so that they can be found via Google. To improve the search results try to include important keywords that are related to the job you would love to land like communication, marketing, management, sports management. 


LinkedIn sportyjob

4. Specialize

Your profiles should absolutely make clear which area you are specialized in. If you are looking for a job really hard you can also upload pictures from congresses and fairs you took part or upload your certificates on business networks, e.g. XING offers this opportunity. On LinkedIn the professional headline below your name should always be up to date. The specialization of course goes hand in hand with the SEO.


5. Stick to your line

Always keep your profiles up to date and provide the same information your resume contains in all networks – everything should be harmonized with one another otherwise you might seem to be a bit unorganized.


6. Follow

It is always a good (and easy!) thing to join groups that consist of people in your industry and profiles of companies you would like to work for. Especially the groups are perfect for networking and to call attention to yourself through taking part in discussions and asking questions. By the way:  Are you already following Sportyjob on LinkedIn?



Still don’t know if all the effort was worth it? Just google yourself and check the results - if there are no results, there are still some things to improve about your personal brand J

The fascination of sports

Today we want to dedicate this blog to the magical attractiveness of sports and everything that comes with it like sport jobs, sporty people and happiness. Let's call it a little ode to the sport.


soccer sportyjobThe thin red line

Nowhere victory and loss are closer than in sports. Considering the crucial penalty, the match point or the last meters of the triathlon often only a few seconds are determining bliss or misfortune. And if you are not the person on the court, track or in the arena itself, you will still cheer and suffer with the star, your friend or the team since sport provides an infinite potential of identification.

Emotionally challenging

Closely related to identification is emotion. Nobody likes to lose and the feeling is even worse when favorite athletes or teams do so. In the end sport makes our childhood dreams come alive – who would not like to be the fastest man in the world? And so it is that at world championships there are sitting billions of small Usain Bolts in front of the TV hoping to set a new, sensational world record.

 Officeteam sportyjob

Uniting nations

This cheering and finger’s crossing unites – friends, strangers and during major events even whole countries. In demonstrating collective cohesion, fans are standing behind their team and even feel like the 12th player on the pitch. Together they are strong. And even if a loss is inevitable, they will comfort each other. One for all and all for one.

It is precisely this cohesion we find as well in our sport jobs. No matter whether professional or amateur athlete,  we understand each other -  this high emotionality is binding together and helps us to be better team players in life and our sport jobs.

The pursue of happiness

Of course we love sports because it makes us happy – doesn’t matter if this happiness is defined by the distributed endorphins during exercise or by the victory of the favorite team. Since humanity is always seeking for personal happiness, there is probably no better place than the sports industry, where you can combine your passion with work.



Salary negotiations in sport job interviews

sportyjob studieren

Your sport job interview is going great and your potential employer sends out more than positive signs that you'll be the next new member of the team. But then your counterpart asks the most feared questions of all: “How much do you expect to get paid?” Immediately you start to stutter nervously, all the sovereignty is gone and your dream of a desired sport job is receding off into distance.


To avoid this reaction and guarantee a constructive salary talk, today’s sport job blog will give you some hints how to deal with this life changing job interview question.

1 Research

sportyjob studieren 

Nowadays it is quite common to already state your salary requirement in your sport job application. That’s why the best basis for a successful negotiation is a profound research. Try to find statistics about average earnings for young professionals and/or job changeovers and adapt these to your qualifications. Good arguments for higher salaries are work experience, additional qualifications, work placements and years abroad. Try to figure out a minimum salary – no one should sell himself at less than fair value, not even for the most exciting sport job in the world.

2 Money is a top priority


Even if your sport job interview is running splendidly and the question about the earnings is preying on your mind, you should wait patiently until your counterpart in addressing the issue.  Then try to calmly express your idea.  Asking for money before the general interview part is over would only be a sign that the job is not important to you at all.

3 Stay realBewerbunsgesprch


The question about salary expectations is tricky. If one requires too little, he is considered insecure and inexperienced, if one demands too much, he is risking not to land the sport job. But what is the right way? At best, you are proposing a salary range, beginning with your previously set lower limit, e.g.  € 30,000 to € 35,000 per year. Should the potential employer offer less, you can of course ask him about additional services and goodies, such as extra vacation days, company car, rent subsidies, monthly tickets etc.

In the end you can be sure, that if the employer wants you to be the new member of the team, for sure he will agree to your suggestions and you’ll find a common way. 

Online sport job interviews: 6 principles to consider

vorbereitung skype interview sportyjob

Who currently is in search of a new sport job, should be prepared that he is first invited to an online "exploratory talk". Because this type of pre-selection is used more and more frequently, today's Sportyjob sport job blog serves to enlighten you on the benefits and disadvantages of online job interviews.

Being a company, it is quite understandable that before a candidate is getting invited to a personal job interview, potential candidates first have to present themselves in a short online talk – in that way a firm saves time and money and also a larger pool of applicants can be examined. For applicants on the one hand this is an advantage, since you don’t need to travel far and you can set the setting however you want. But on the other hand an online job interview for a sport job via e.g. Skype also envolves some risks – here is what you need to do to rock your sport job interview:

vorbereitung skype interview sportyjob

1st: Test your technique

Since almost all Skype interviews run via webcams (the potential employer will want to see you) you’d rather test your webcam thoroughly in advance. You also should check the sound and the picture quality (alignment, etc.). In case you only see blurred outlines – ask a dear friend to borrow you his mac book.

2nd: Ensure a good internet connection

We know – this is quite obvious, but nevertheless it is essential: A bad internet connection leads to an unsuccessful sport job interview. We have experienced the feeling of skypeing with friends and trying to have a severe conversation, but then suddenly you don’t have moving pictures anymore and only hear fragments… wanna have that awful situation in a sport job interview? Definitely not! Therefore make sure you have a stable line at the time of the talk and better ask your roomies not to stream movies in these life-changing minutes.

3rd: Watch out for the rest!

This also is quite important, since your flatmates better not run into your room searching for their socks during your sport job interview. Simply inform all the people around you not to disturb - then your sport job interview should work out properly!

neutraler hintergrund sportyjob

4th: Background and illumination

This actually is a bit problematic. We have already discussed this issue in our sport job blog about the video resume, but with the Skype talk it is a bit different since there is some live action going on and therefore you only have one chance to close the deal. Just try to have a neutral background – who cannot come back to a library or office should at least remove all strange objects (light swords, Backstreet Boys posters…). Furthermore make sure to have enough light so your counterpart will be able to see you well.

5th: Preparation is everything

Please always keep in mind that a Skype interview is a serious thing. You need to prepare yourself thoroughly – just as intense as for other sport job interviews. Concern yourself with the company, think about perfect answers to tricky questions and gather some questions you would like to ask your counterpart.

6th: Clumsiness is not welcome.

Body language always is an essential part in a sport job interview, but whilst an online talk you need to take special care about it, since the visible part is constricted to your upper body. So try to avoid fast movements and huge gestures because it might seem a bit strange if e.g. your hands are appearing casually.

And last but not least keep in mind that especially in an online sport job interview there is one basic principle: Netiquette = Etiquette – that means always let your counterpart finish speaking. 

The job of a PR Manager – it’s all about communication!

geschftsfrau sportyjob
Today we want to introduce you to the world of PR Managers:  

geschftsfrau sportyjob

PR means Public Relations. And this is what the job of a PR Manager is all about, since he is responsible for the companies’ communication with its stakeholders – he is kind of a mouthpiece for the company. Stakeholders are people and groups that somehow pursue a private or commercial interest in the company, such as suppliers, employees, investors and customers. The PR department ensures that all of these stakeholders are provided with information about the company. This can be done via many different channels, like employee newsletters and newspapers, press releases, company websites or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Duty of a PR Manager is to create news content in close collaboration with the management as well as other departments and afterwards publish it via the communication channels, always keeping in mind that completeness, honesty, transparency, newsworthiness and timeliness are indispensable. Therefore PR Managers are usually active in both, marketing and public relations and coordinate all the communication content of a company.

manager sportyjob

But the field of activity of a PR Manager is much bigger. He also takes care of answering press or media inquiries, organizing press conferences, is giving interviews and creates the annual report in cooperation with the finance department. Another important part of the daily working life of a PR Manager is crisis management. These can be small crises like only a complaint on facebook, but also huge ones like accidents, acquisitions or mergers and bankruptcies. To cope with all these issues, a PR Manager has to be calm minded and always up-to-date concerning the latest communication channels. Furthermore he should get along very well with all colleagues and members of the executive suite.

But what does it need to land a PR Manager job? The classic way is to study communication, a few universities are also offering study programs like corporate communications and public relations. Basically you can choose plenty of ways to start a career in PR like e.g. media management or journalism, a lot of PR Managers are also career changer.

And where do I find PR Manager jobs? In general the job prospects in communications are pretty good, aspiring PR experts can work in PR or marketing agencies or in companies because every enterprise needs to communicate with its external and internal stakeholders.


The sport job of a Media Manager

verzweiflung sportyjob

In today’s part of our blog about jobs in sports we want to give you an understanding of the sport job of a Media Manager.


Media Managers are working in different sectors: For radio stations, advertising agencies, publishers, marketing- and pr-agencies, market research and of course in a lot of the bigger companies. But what exactly are the tasks and duties in this sport job?

verzweiflung sportyjobLike we already mentioned in our blogs about Product Managers and Marketing Managers, the profession of a manager is always closely connected with the management process of products and/or services. The sport job of a Media Manager is always about planning, implementation and controlling of actions in reference to media. This sport job also includes the analysis of the media market as well as its recipients and on this basis a Media Manager decides in favor of the strategy with the highest cost-profit range. After running the strategy he needs to control the success and eventually improve it. Parts of this action can be advertising campaigns, Facebook competitions or sponsorships of sport events. For doing a good job it is absolutely essential that a Media Manager is always up-to-date regarding upcoming trends, loves to work creatively and isn´t afraid of changes and innovations.  This becomes more and more important especially in times of Web 2.0 since a lot of Media Managers have educated themselves to Social Media or SEM/SEO Managers.

What are the skills one needs for the sport job of a Media Manager? The best chances to land of these desired sport jobs is to study the profession. For that purpose a lot of universities have created study paths like media management, media engineering or media & business administration. Since the media industry is very creative and open-minded, it is also possible for career changer to find a sport job within it. Furthermore it is quite usual to work as a freelancer, especially for video journalists, social media managers and online marketers.

Looking for a sport job as Media Manager? Check out our latest offers at www.sportyjob.com!


What is the sport job of a product manager like?

Officeteam sportyjob

Today we are going to introduce you to the world of product managers since this profession is one of the most important ones in business.

Officeteam sportyjobBut what is a product manager actually doing? This sport job is all about management of products, precisely a product manager is involved in the whole management circle of the particular product – planning, development, controlling. In doing so she/he is the key position in-between all departments which are part of the production. In cooperation with the research team the product manager is looking for market niches and drafts proto-types along with the development division which are revised and upgraded until they are marketable. Furthermore the coordination with design and sales is part of a product manager’s sport job, since the new product has to have an appealing look and packaging and has to be presented to customers correctly by the sales-team. Finally a product manager needs to set pulses in marketing and creates communication campaigns conjointly with marketing-experts. This also includes the product presentation on fairs and in special interest press. Once implemented on the market, the product manager has to control the success of the product/good/service and adapt it to customer’s needs.

telefon sportyjob

Like the diverse duties show, this sport job is a very responsible position and therefore usually is part of the managerial level. That’s why potential candidates need to have knowledge in project management, analytical techniques, marketing as well as corporate communications – but this not necessarily is the most important. What counts most is that a product manager has to be very communicative and needs to have extraordinary interpersonal skills. Furthermore she/he has to be able to work under pressure and be absolutely creative and open minded when it comes to innovations. The career entry usually happens internally, since in this sport job the knowledge of all departments and processes is a must. But, of course, sometimes there are openings as well.

Looking for a product manager sport job or an internship? THIS is your chance!

Sport job Marketing Manager – job profile, duties, requirements

The words marketing and manager both sound pretty impressive and this is not only because they are an alliteration. Anything which is in any way connected to management arouses our interests, since in our imagination it is linked to a lot of responsibility and money. Thinking about marketing, first thing that comes to mind are huge budgets and rad campaigns. But which tasks and duties does the sport job as Marketing Manager exactly include? We got to the bottom of this case:


Why does every company need a Marketing Manager? 

The sport job of a Marketing Manager changed a lot recently. Due to the increasing mediation of the society and the resulting professionalization of corporate communications (customer is king and can´t be influenced by colorful pictures anymore), Marketing Managers have to do more than just increase sales output. In fact, Marketing Managers are responsible for giving the company and its products a good reputation by working closely with the public relations department. Reputation is the most important factor in times of mature markets. Customers are able to choose goods in-between a variety of comparable goods and in the end they will buy the one with best reputation – that’s why a strong image fosters selling.

What is the sport job as Marketing Manager about? 

A Marketing Manager cares about positioning the brand in the market. Thereby this sport job includes planning, implementation and controlling of all marketing actions like online marketing, sponsoring, advertising, events and many more. To be successful, Marketing Managers have to keep their eyes open for new trends, be insanely creative, have to know the market by heart, be extremely flexible and as well have to be keen to try new things.

What are the requirements for a sport job as Marketing Manager?

 Since every company needs staff for marketing, the chance to get a sport job in marketing is quite high. You should have studied in the field of business administration, communication or marketing and as well speak more than one language fluently. At best you also should have international work experience and a good knowledge of programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign – then landing a sport job in marketing won´t be a problem at all!

How the perfect application picture has to be – professional, authentic, polished?

sonicht sportyjob

Creating an application photo is at least as hard as choosing the perfect clothes for a job talk or composing a compelling CV. But in the last years the public opinion towards profile and application pics changed a bit, that’s why we are giving you a resume on what really matters nowadays:


 Do you really need a picture? sonicht sportyjob

 In times of equal treatment laws HR representatives are prohibited to judge candidates in regard to their age and gender. This means that you don´t need to upload a picture or just take any pic you like, e.g. the nice one from your last snowboard-trip. But unfortunately it is not that easy, since an appealing photo is likely to set the course for your dream sport job. None of the HR representatives would actually admit it, but we are all aware that the first impression might be a better one with a picture as only by bare facts – right?

Professional doesn´t mean professional

 That means that one the one hand you shouldn´t upload the pic you took with your mobile or helmet-cam, but on the other hand it doesn´t need to be taken by a professional. What counts is that you have a concrete idea of the pic and in case of doubt have some photoshop skills. Then your pic can also be made by a friend with a good camera and tripod. Who has some deficit in creativity or no photographer-friends still has the opportunity to entrust a professional. But be careful – a lot of unaware people have already been forced to the thinker’s pose or autumn leaves backgrounds.

(No) More Drama, Baby!

junger mann sportyjobTypical application pictures with a “diagonal with a little twist from the right smiling towards the observer”-candidate are out of fashion. What really matters is authenticity, that’s why it is really important that you feel well with your clothing and the setting. This also is another reason to ask friends to make a few shots of you. According to branch and sport job the picture may be taken outside or in action – it just needs to reflect you. If you choose portrait or landscape format is totally up to you.

This as well counts for clothing. Especially in the sports industry you can choose casual (but neat) clothing. A lot of experts advise against colourful clothes, but we can´t agree to this. If a multicoloured shirt polishes your picture then just wear it! When it comes to the style of the background there are countless opportunities: coloured, black and white, blurred, sharp, bright, dark, single coloured…

One fits all?

 Sure! We are the Web 2.0 generation and profiles on platforms like LinkedIn and Xing are not compulsive but might be helpful in landing a sport job. And, once you took a good application pic, of course you can use it for all your online profiles, for instance your Sportyjob profile. One advice: Usually upright pictures are displayed larger and therefore are more likely to catch someone’s eye. And please don´t use pics which could be embarrassing in future. Google saves all and you really don´t want your future boss to detect the picture of you and your dog Lucky in grandma´s backyard.

In a nutshell creating an application picture is no rocket science. Always keep in mind that this picture needs to represent you and try to have fun while taking it - then for sure it will be perfect!