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How to decide for the right sport job

Well, there it is – after long weeks of writing applications, sport job interviews and rejections you finally got the first confirmation that you got the sport job. Yay, what a great feeling! But wait a second; is it really the best choice? Shouldn’t you wait for other companies to reply or even contact more employers before signing the contract?

This choice definitely isn’t an easy one, especially when your potential sport job employer would love to have an answer asap and all the other sport job companies haven’t got back to you yet. But what to do now? Just sign the contract and be safe or wait and push your luck to get a better sport job offer from another company?

When deciding for a sport job in our opinion there are four crucial criteria: content of the sport job, the company itself, location and payment. Concerning these points everyone needs to rank them on the basis of his/her own preferences and decide, what is most important and where it is possible to lower one’s sights.

Sport job content

Of course you wouldn’t land a sport job if you wouldn’t be qualified and suitable enough for the sport job. But sometimes one is desperate enough to apply for sport jobs that are not the real deal. At this point you need to ask yourself, if you will be happy and satisfied in future in this position. Are there attractive further education options? Are the contents exciting enough to keep you attached? Does it provide all the responsibility, creativity and room for development you wish for?


This criterion is all about asking yourself if you back the company, its mission, vision, philosophy and products. Are you able to defend the conditions of productions? How was the first impression during the sport job interview? How seems the working climate to be like? Are you able to identify with the company? Of course you only apply at companies that seem to be trustworthy employers, but at times you are already noticing during the job talk that this idea was wrong.


Well, this might sound a bit banal, but the sport job location indeed is an important factor. Of course, you can make every place in the world your home, but in the end you will spend plenty of lifetime over there (even if it is only 1 year – life is too short to waste it). So think about what you need to be happy: friends and family being close? Which language you prefer? Want to work in foreign countries? How is the infrastructre? What about the cultural scene? Any leisure opportunities you need to be happy?


The fourth criterion is the sport job payment. Is it above your absolute limit or below? Are there other outstanding aspects like a perfect location that will make you accept less or is this the one point you can’t lower your expectations?

Of course the mentioned criteria are only examples – everyone needs to decide on his own what he/she needs and what is essential. According to personal preferences there also could be other or more criteria to consider. At the end of the day (yes – we know, this is a spoiler) you should go with your gut. But since nowadays we tend to think twice (thrice, quadruply…) about our career options, today’s sport job blog can be considered as a little decision support for you.


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