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Today we want to introduce you to the world of PR Managers:


geschftsfrau sportyjob

PR means Public Relations. And this is what the job of a PR Manager is all about, since he is responsible for the companies’ communication with its stakeholders – he is kind of a mouthpiece for the company. Stakeholders are people and groups that somehow pursue a private or commercial interest in the company, such as suppliers, employees, investors and customers. The PR department ensures that all of these stakeholders are provided with information about the company. This can be done via many different channels, like employee newsletters and newspapers, press releases, company websites or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Duty of a PR Manager is to create news content in close collaboration with the management as well as other departments and afterwards publish it via the communication channels, always keeping in mind that completeness, honesty, transparency, newsworthiness and timeliness are indispensable. Therefore PR Managers are usually active in both, marketing and public relations and coordinate all the communication content of a company.

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But the field of activity of a PR Manager is much bigger. He also takes care of answering press or media inquiries, organizing press conferences, is giving interviews and creates the annual report in cooperation with the finance department. Another important part of the daily working life of a PR Manager is crisis management. These can be small crises like only a complaint on facebook, but also huge ones like accidents, acquisitions or mergers and bankruptcies. To cope with all these issues, a PR Manager has to be calm minded and always up-to-date concerning the latest communication channels. Furthermore he should get along very well with all colleagues and members of the executive suite.

But what does it need to land a PR Manager job? The classic way is to study communication, a few universities are also offering study programs like corporate communications and public relations. Basically you can choose plenty of ways to start a career in PR like e.g. media management or journalism, a lot of PR Managers are also career changer.

And where do I find PR Manager jobs? In general the job prospects in communications are pretty good, aspiring PR experts can work in PR or marketing agencies or in companies because every enterprise needs to communicate with its external and internal stakeholders.


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