The fascination of sports

By 18/08/2014 Sportyjob Blog

Today we want to dedicate this blog to the magical attractiveness of sports and everything that comes with it like sport jobs, sporty people and happiness. Let’s call it a little ode to the sport.


soccer sportyjobThe thin red line

Nowhere victory and loss are closer than in sports. Considering the crucial penalty, the match point or the last meters of the triathlon often only a few seconds are determining bliss or misfortune. And if you are not the person on the court, track or in the arena itself, you will still cheer and suffer with the star, your friend or the team since sport provides an infinite potential of identification.

Emotionally challenging

Closely related to identification is emotion. Nobody likes to lose and the feeling is even worse when favorite athletes or teams do so. In the end sport makes our childhood dreams come alive – who would not like to be the fastest man in the world? And so it is that at world championships there are sitting billions of small Usain Bolts in front of the TV hoping to set a new, sensational world record.

 Officeteam sportyjob

Uniting nations

This cheering and finger’s crossing unites – friends, strangers and during major events even whole countries. In demonstrating collective cohesion, fans are standing behind their team and even feel like the 12th player on the pitch. Together they are strong. And even if a loss is inevitable, they will comfort each other. One for all and all for one.

It is precisely this cohesion we find as well in our sport jobs. No matter whether professional or amateur athlete,  we understand each other –  this high emotionality is binding together and helps us to be better team players in life and our sport jobs.

The pursue of happiness

Of course we love sports because it makes us happy – doesn’t matter if this happiness is defined by the distributed endorphins during exercise or by the victory of the favorite team. Since humanity is always seeking for personal happiness, there is probably no better place than the sports industry, where you can combine your passion with work.



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