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How to survive an assessment centre

You just found the perfect sport job, applied and got invited to an assessment centre, which in first hand just totally stresses you out. But what exactly is it, how can you shine in there and why do companies keep annoying us with it?

Assessment WHAT?assessment sportyjob


Never heard about assessment centres? Then it is definitely time to catch up, since they are increasingly common in all kind of sport job companies. Assesment centres are places, usually the company’s office, where potential employees have to show their hard and soft skills during a variety of tests, such as role plays, group exercises, interviews and many more. During those tests candidates have to prove themselves and show that they fit well into the company. Assessment centres are especially made to see how you cope under pressure and which role you will have in a group full of strangers.

Instrument of torture?


Firstly, an assessment centre is not meant to torture us, even if it really seems like that. Okay, admittedly, it will be nerve-wracking and at times you might be close to tears, but you need to see it as a chance. There won’t be so many days where you first found a company, then arrange a whole sales and branding plan and in the end pitch your marketing concept, so keep calm and try to have fun. It is not about life or death, only about a job.

How to deal with it?teamwork sportyjob


Try to focus and think about how you would approach the tasks if you really were in the job.  Prepare thoroughly before the assessment centre and try to figure out what kind of skills you need to have to fit the bill. Is it a management position? Then take responsibility and be the leader of the group. Is it an assistant role? Then try to help out and be a good teamworker. But most important: don’t dissimulate and be yourself. And if you want to use an unconventional approach just do it – companies love to see creative candidates.

And if it won’t work out with the sport job don’t be demoralized. Best thing is to be brave and ask, why the company didn’t choose you for the sport job and on this basis improve your performance in the next assessment centre.

We wish you good luck! 

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