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The importance of a compelling personal online brand for the job search

By 27/09/2014 Sportyjob Blog

Are you on LinkedIn? Typed in your CV on Facebook or even maintain a XING-profile? Then you are on the best way to create your personal online brand. But how important is that for the job search? Actually it could be indispensable. Here are the reasons why and what you should consider to build a compelling brand:


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A strong personal online brand nowadays is absolutely important for the job search, since a lot of employers are using professional networks and social media platforms as a basis for decision making after they received your resume. Of course, this always depends on the industry you want to work in, but if this is any kind of somehow media-related industry you should definitely take care about your online performance or you will miss out being considered for jobs.


Here are a few points you need to consider to build a strong personal brand: 

1. Networks

There are two types of networks: Professional networking sites and social media sites which are easily visible for other persons. Considering professional networks there is an enormous spectrum but by far the most important one is LinkedIn. If you are looking for jobs in the German-speaking sector there is also Xing, which got quite big in the recent years. Talking about social media, of course, Facebook is crucial but also Twitter and Instagram might be a place to find out further information about potential candidates.

2. Professionality

Always make sure that all the profiles you maintain are at least a bit professional. That means that you rather delete or hide all embarrassing party shots and selfies and always try to make an overall good impression. Some privacy insights of course might be congenial as long as they are not “too private” if you know what we mean…


3. Publicity & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are searching for a job actively, please make sure that all your profiles are public, so that they can be found via Google. To improve the search results try to include important keywords that are related to the job you would love to land like communication, marketing, management, sports management. 


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4. Specialize

Your profiles should absolutely make clear which area you are specialized in. If you are looking for a job really hard you can also upload pictures from congresses and fairs you took part or upload your certificates on business networks, e.g. XING offers this opportunity. On LinkedIn the professional headline below your name should always be up to date. The specialization of course goes hand in hand with the SEO.


5. Stick to your line

Always keep your profiles up to date and provide the same information your resume contains in all networks – everything should be harmonized with one another otherwise you might seem to be a bit unorganized.


6. Follow

It is always a good (and easy!) thing to join groups that consist of people in your industry and profiles of companies you would like to work for. Especially the groups are perfect for networking and to call attention to yourself through taking part in discussions and asking questions. By the way:  Are you already following Sportyjob on LinkedIn?



Still don’t know if all the effort was worth it? Just google yourself and check the results – if there are no results, there are still some things to improve about your personal brand J

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