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Why niche job boards offer more advantages than average job boards

By 26/11/2013 Sportyjob Blog

Today’s blog is all about the benefit of job boards and especially the advantages of niche job boards like Sportyjob:



1. A job board saves a lot of time


Since searching a job usually is pretty extensive (reading tons of special interest magazines, scanning lots of homepages, socializing a lot) and therefore is getting annoying very soon, job boards release you from the bothering jobsearch. The only thing you still will have to do is having a look the job board’s homepage and maybe do some clicks to forward your application – there´s no easier way to find  a job!kopfindensand sportyjob

2. A job board saves even more time


Because, how already mentioned, you only need a few minutes to send your job application. That indicates that the time of preparing one application after another is definitely gone, because you only need to post your curriculum vitae once on your candidate profile and you can forward it again and again and again. Of course you still will have to write a cover letter for every job application but that is all you have to do. After sending your application, the HR representatives will receive an e-mail containing your cover letter and a link to your candidate profile.

3. Your candidate profile is online and available for HR representatives


Once your profile is complete it is available for companies and therefore there might be a chance that interested firms will inbox you. But no worries – your Sportyjob profile is only accessible for registered companies, other candidates can´t see your data. In this way we ensure your anonymity.

sportyjob screenshot sportyjob4. Niche job boards indicate professionalism


Using a niche job board shows HR representatives that you gave serious thought about the industry, since usually they are quite small and therefore hard to find – once found, niche job boards even offer additional value. Professionals tend to recruit their future employees from niche job boards, since especially on the smaller job pages they find extraordinary talented candidates who are not in need to post their CVs on huge recruiting websites.

5. There is less competition on a niche job board


It is obvious that niche job boards address only a few jobseekers. Sportyjob, for instance, registers about 10000 candidates, who for sure won´t be looking actively for a job all at the same time. Comparing this number with the big job boards, that usually count roundabout 250000 candidates, it is evident that you won´t have that much competition on a niche job board. Furthermore bigger boards have tons of distinct job categories, so it is likely to happen that you just will oversee your dream job opening.

6. Niche job boards offer additional benefitsgeschafft sportyjob


Another advantage of niche job boards is that they offer additional value through e.g. interesting blogs and detailed company and job descriptions. Bigger boards usually only offer little information about published jobs or companies since they are reserving these for registered clients. Job openings that are published on niche job boards, on the contrary, are mostly visible without registration and as well are posted transparently on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

7. Niche job boards offer rare jobs


Last but definitely not least: Niche job boards are likely to publish rare jobs. Companies that are specified on a distinct area won´t publish their jobs on platforms where only about 1% of the candidates are target audience – that’s why they use niche job boards which only address people that are 100% enthusiastic about the corresponding industry.

Of course niche job boards cannot guarantee you to land your dream job, but for sure they facilitate the process of searching a job a lot and increase your chance of finding the perfect job and company.

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