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Body language in sport job talks – a smile is worth a thousand words

By 25/09/2013 Sportyjob Blog

Nonverbal communication is the oldest kind of communication. It supports our feelings, gives us authenticity and makes us likeable. But it is both a blessing and a curse since it as well reveals our weaknesses, uncertainties and lies in a sport job interview.



personaler sportyjobFor experienced HR-representatives “confidence tricksers” are easy to detect: Rubbing hands, going through the hair and starring at the floor are signs for not feeling comfortable with the situation. Since we all are nervous when it comes to sport job talks, the question is: how can we control our body language? And unfortunately there is only one answer: In no way. For sure this is a bit problematic, but at least we are able to influence our body language positively.

Since 95 % of the first impressions are set by facial expressions, gestures, postures and clothing (a topic that we already discussed a few times in our sport job-blog), a positive body language is a vital part for having a successful sport job interview. As well it is always good to be able to interpret the signs of your counterpart in a sport job talk.

Please never ever try to learn new body language. Our gestures and postures are naturally, you cannot just learn them byBewerbunsgesprch heart, this only will make you look like a fool. Everyone is unique and therefore uses unique signs. It rather is all about overcoming so-called “disturbing gestures”. These disturbing gestures are indications of stress and nervousness like clenched fists, knotted legs, twitchy feet, scratching your head and cramping into your chair. It is more reasonable to stay calm, easy and competent. Furthermore try to handshake firmly, sit down upright, smile, catch your counterpart’s eye and overall make sure that you have an open posture which is turned towards your future sport job-boss. If you have shaky hands, just put them on the table. All these gestures easily can be practiced in preparation to the sport job interview.

Furthermore it really is beneficial to observe the body language of your interviewer: If his or her body is turned towards you and even bend over a bit, you are a very interesting candidate. If he/she also keeps constant eye contact and holds his/her head straight, there is a really good chemistry between both of you. If he/she doesn´t send any of these signals it is time to change the subject you are talking about or maybe it is even better to look for a new sport job offer.

In the end just try to feel comfortable in a sport job interview – might sound a bit strange, but only a relaxed body can send positive signals. Also your counterpart is not a creepy monster – if you are nervous, just tell him/her about it and you will feel much better and more calm which, of course, influences your body language profitable.

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