Sport job Marketing Manager – job profile, duties, requirements

By 21/01/2014 Sportyjob Blog

The words marketing and manager both sound pretty impressive and this is not only because they are an alliteration. Anything which is in any way connected to management arouses our interests, since in our imagination it is linked to a lot of responsibility and money. Thinking about marketing, first thing that comes to mind are huge budgets and rad campaigns. But which tasks and duties does the sport job as Marketing Manager exactly include? We got to the bottom of this case:


Why does every company need a Marketing Manager? 

The sport job of a Marketing Manager changed a lot recently. Due to the increasing mediation of the society and the resulting professionalization of corporate communications (customer is king and can´t be influenced by colorful pictures anymore), Marketing Managers have to do more than just increase sales output. In fact, Marketing Managers are responsible for giving the company and its products a good reputation by working closely with the public relations department. Reputation is the most important factor in times of mature markets. Customers are able to choose goods in-between a variety of comparable goods and in the end they will buy the one with best reputation – that’s why a strong image fosters selling.

What is the sport job as Marketing Manager about? 

A Marketing Manager cares about positioning the brand in the market. Thereby this sport job includes planning, implementation and controlling of all marketing actions like online marketing, sponsoring, advertising, events and many more. To be successful, Marketing Managers have to keep their eyes open for new trends, be insanely creative, have to know the market by heart, be extremely flexible and as well have to be keen to try new things.

What are the requirements for a sport job as Marketing Manager?

 Since every company needs staff for marketing, the chance to get a sport job in marketing is quite high. You should have studied in the field of business administration, communication or marketing and as well speak more than one language fluently. At best you also should have international work experience and a good knowledge of programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign – then landing a sport job in marketing won´t be a problem at all!

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