Inside the VF EMEA Internship Program: An Interview with Daria Rozycka

In a world where career meaning can feel elusive, let’s take a moment to explore a different path. Imagine a place where your passion meets purpose, where iconic brands like Vans, Timberland, and The North Face guide your career’s direction.

Welcome to VF Corporation’s EMEA Internship Program – an environment that nurtures your professional growth and amplifies your sense of purpose. VF Corporation’s EMEA Internship Program invites you to shape your unique narrative, exploring limitless possibilities that align with your values.

In this enlightening conversation, we join Daria Rozycka, VF Corporation’s Recruitment Coordinator, as she dives into the transformative power of purpose-driven internships.

This article contains sponsored content promoting the VF Internship Program.

Hi Daria! We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with you about the VF Corporation EMEA Internship Program. Can you tell us more about how internships play a role in introducing new talent to VF Corporation?

Daria: I’d love to! Internships have been an incredible way for VF Corporation to introduce fresh talent to our teams at VF Corporation’s EMEA HQ. When a specific team needs extra support, we look to hire interns who can contribute their skills and enthusiasm. What’s even more remarkable is that almost 70% of our interns choose to continue their journey with VF Corporation after their internships end.

That’s impressive! Why does VF Corporation place such importance on hiring interns?

Daria: Internships are an amazing opportunity for young talents to join VF Corporation and grow alongside us. It’s not just about applying what you’ve learned; it’s about bringing value to our teams, sharing your unique perspectives, and helping us thrive as a company. Our aim is to provide interns with a holistic VF Corporation experience, from the moment they apply to their last day with us.

Can you tell us more about the recent evolution of the VF EMEA Internship Program?

Daria: We’ve evolved the program to focus on development, knowledge sharing, and helping young talents discover long-term careers within VF Corporation and its renowned brands like Vans, Timberland, The North Face, and more. We’re dedicated to helping interns integrate into our company and the wider professional world. Our goal is to create a structured and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and truly part of our community.

It sounds like a fantastic program. How do you ensure that interns get the most out of their time?

Daria: We’re actively working with our HR teams and management staff to create a framework that maximizes the internship experience. Throughout the program, we facilitate constructive feedback sessions between managers and interns. This allows them to discuss their experiences and future aspirations. We strive to find the perfect alignment between their goals and VF Corporation’s business needs.

That’s excellent support for young talents. Can you share your personal approach to fostering a positive experience for them?

Daria: As the point of contact for interns, I believe it’s vital for them to have a familiar face to reach out to. I’m here to address any challenges, concerns, or questions they may have about the program, their managers, or life at VF Corporation. It’s also a way to help interns connect with their peers and quickly settle into our vibrant community.

Lastly, what are your expectations for the future of the VF Corporation EMEA Internship Program?

Daria: We’re genuinely excited about the future growth of our program in the coming months. We invite young talents who are passionate about the sporting goods and lifestyle industry to join us in our journey of growth. To stay updated on the program and explore our latest openings, visit the EMEA Internship Program page on our website.

Thank you so much, Daria, for sharing your insights and passion for the VF EMEA Internship Program. We wish you and the interns all the best!

Daria: Thank you! It was my pleasure. We’re looking forward to welcoming aspiring talents into our program and watching them thrive in their journeys at VF Corporation.

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