• 12 modules
  • 1st Semester: basics of the developemnt of sport, international Sport Governance, Olympic Movement and it‘s Management
  • 2nd Semester: Sociological and Legal Aspects, Sport Economics, Research Project, Field Trip to Brussels
  • 3rd Semester: Sport for Development,
    Sport Polities: Values, Frameworks and Institutions,
    Sport Politics: Comparative and International Sport Structures and Processes,
    Sport Politics: Past, Present and Future Fields of Challenges for Sport Development
  • 4th Semester: Master Thesis
  • enncourages analytical thinking and working, guide students to an independent work attitude

Good to know:

  • classes are held by professionals of the Institute of European Sport Development and Leisure Studies
  • integrateds several research projects
  • adapts to the changes of internationalisation

Target Group attractive to students that hold an undergraduate degree in sport studies or a similar program including  politics, sociology or economy. Students that previously had the chance to work in that industry benefit from that experience.


About Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln

The Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln was founded in 1947 in Cologne and unites nowadays more than 6000 students in different departments. The lectures combine valuable content with practical research elements and promote the top-class sport at high level.

The DSHS in Cologne is not just the only sports university of Germany, but the one and only university worldwide with such a unique specialization of sports, health and fitness. The study programs are offered at 20 different institutes and supported by nine additional campuses in order for the DSHS to combine a wide range of areas.

Due to the diversified university structure, the study programs support interdisciplinarity and favor the integration socially relevant issues. The university provides study programs in form of bachelor and master degrees that include subjects going from biomechanical and psychological contents to economic, historical and ethical questions related to sports.

Furthermore, the world biggest sports university created its own community by opening its arms to more than 900 employees. The DSHS created a network of more than 60 partner universities in order to favor the international exchange of the students.

Though the study programs are serving a narrow department – the sports industry – they combine all relevant aspects so that their students will soon be able to enter the job market with a profound and valuable education.
With the subdivision of the sports branch in different sub-groups the sports college aims for a high-quality education to mediate and to prepare their students for their future occupation. At the moment, there are five bachelor programs and nine master courses.

Bachelor programmes taught in Cologne:

  • Sportmanagement und Sportkommunikation
  • Sport und Gesundheit in Praevention und Therapie
  • Sport und Leistung
  • Sportjournalismus
  • Sport, Erlebnis und Bewegung


These are the current Master progams:

  • Human Technology in sports and medicine
  • Sport- und Bewegungsgerontologie 
  • Sporttourismus und Erholungsmanagement
  • Sport Management
  • Rehabilitations-, Prävention und Gesundheitsmanagement
  • International Sport Development and Politics
  • Psychology in Sport and Exercise
  • Expertise Science and Coaching
  • Sport, Medien und Kommunikationsforschung