The list below only shows one possible course sequence for this programme and is not compulsory.


First Semester »

Introduction to Sport Science
Fundamentals of Medical and Biological Aspects in Sports
Fundamentals of Psychological and Sociological Aspects in Sports

Second Semester »

Special Medical and Biological Aspects in Sports
Movement Science and Biomechanics
Practical Courses of Basic Sports

Third Semester »

Training Sciences
Internship in Exercise Therapy – Musculoskeletal System
Practical Courses of Alpine Sports
Interdisciplinary Skills

Fourth Semester »

Empirical Methods
Applied Training Sciences
Internship in Exercise Therapy – Neurology/Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine
Interdisciplinary Skills

Fifth Semester »

Internship in Exercise Therapy – Internal Diseases
Sports Education
Practical Courses of Sport for Health and Elite Sport
Specialisation in Different Sports

Sixth Semester »

Bachelor’s Thesis
Extension in Sports
Interdisciplinary Skills
Elective Module (Internship in Exercise Therapy/Internship in Coaching/ Advanced Topics in Sport Science)


Good to know:

  • full time program
  • starts in the winter semester
  • standard duration: 6 semesters (a workload of 1,500 (real) hours per academic year must be fulfilled

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