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Created 20 years ago, the International Sport & Event Management programme is widely recognised by sport industry professionals as a leading reference in their field, both nationally and internationally.
The strength of the programme lies in its ability to train managers in line with the requirements of this highly specific and demanding market, owing to its unique expertise at the crossroads of Event Marketing and Sport Law.




  • Teachers-researchers who are experts in the professional sport industry
  • Recognised industry professionals Enabling students to acquire differentiating and sought-after knowledge and skills on the job market.


  • Workshop and professional conferences recognised in the Sport Business industry
  • Access to and support from the stakeholder network (ATP, WTA, UEFA, Sportfive, Vinci Stadium, OM, Oreca, RCT, MHR, CNM, NBA, Uhlsport, Generali, BNP Paribas, PSG, Sporsora…).
The entire KEDGE BS community: teaching staff, administrative teams and students alike support the directions it takes with respect to the school’s social responsibility commitment. What makes KEDGE BS distinctive, what makes the School a renowned key player in sustainable development and CSR, is its viral approach that combines excellence with consistency. It is not simply a case of adding exemplary practices (a master’s course, a research centre), but of implementing consistent actions across its research, its teaching, its social and environmenal management of the campuses and its governance.

Its high-quality faculty, innovative teaching methods combining personal development, learning by doing and social responsibility, together with its impressive research centre and campus that is open to its environment, have made KEDGE Business School a pioneer in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The School integrates CSR into its teaching across all departments in an approach based on the UN’s six international Principles for Responsible Management Education. Kedge’s CSR strategy is also aligned with national standards like Plan Vert, which bases its work on the following key principles:

  • Social policy and territorial anchorage
  • Environmental management
  • Training
  • Research activities


KEDGE BS maintains high standards of academic excellence. We are convinced that our responsibility is not to train sustainable development directors, even if this is what certain students may go on to become. We have a duty to give future marketing, purchasing, financial and HR managers, future decision-makers and entrepreneurs, everything they need to incorporate sustainable development as a key factor to the success of both their personal and professional life. This is why we work with each programme director and each faculty member to integrate these concepts into the learning pathway of all our students to the best of our ability.

CSR, an essential aspect of education that is central to the strategy of KEDGE BS:
The School’s ambition is to train innovative, ethical and socially responsible entrepreneurs who are equipped to meet the needs of businesses and contribute to their development. To achieve this, it draws on the scope of responsibility and the six principles of responsible management prescribed by PRME, using a three-pillar approach:

  • Responsibility
  • Commitment and initiative-taking
  • Innovation

Fully integrated into the learning pathway, CSR benefits from the mandatory second-year “Sustainable Development” module. Each course module contains a CSR focus, to ensure students are made fully aware of the challenges of tomorrow. This viral approach implemented across all programmes aims to train every one of our students in CSR so they can become successful, innovative managers.



Higher education graduates are the citizens of the future. They will be required to make decisions that will impact society and the world. How can we make this generation an enlightened and committed generation for the 21st century? How can we ensure they are adequately equipped to incorporate these elements into their future job and that they can handle the consequences of their choices in an informed manner? Since September 2014, all new students must sit the Sulitest and by 2020 the School plans to apply a minimum score that must be achieved in order for them to graduate.



Research at KEDGE BS: expertise and international recognition. We are internationally renowned for our fields of expertise like CSR, which is now a cluster in its own right, managed by Professor Franck Figge. Today, six research chairs are directly linked to CSR at KEDGE BS:

as are many conferences and events:

  • Corporate Responsibility Research Conference
  • Humanism and Management Day
  • Air Transport Research Society Conference

Creating new forms of learning and skills development via educational innovations like personal and professional development.
Connecting communities throughout the world to share practices and ideas.
Encouraging and stimulating responsible practices and social commitment.

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