Timberland: Going beyond the border of Sustainability & Responsibility

Timberland is an outdoor brand, one of the most well-known worldwide to say the least. One of the reason, apart from quality products, is their serious commitment for environmental and social causes. Right now, Timberland is looking for a Sustainability and Responsibility Manager, a moment for us to take a look into their S&R agenda. So how exactly does Timberland improve their three main pillars outdoors, product and community? How do they go beyond the borders of regular engagement?

The long-term plan: Timberland’s 2020 agenda

Already years ao, the company changed their production to be more sustainable, making a statement towards treating the environment with respect. In 2016, when launching their responsibility website, Timberland also announced further steps in improving their strategy. The sports brand set ambitious goals until 2020 regarding their products and the environment:
  • All of the used cotton for their apparal collections are supposed to come from US-american eco-friendly cultivation,
  • Every procued shoe shall contain recycled, organic or renewable (ROR) materials
  • All products shal be PVC and PFC free
  • Timberland wants to reduce their energy consumption by 10% in total and obtain 50% by regenerative energy sources
  • Plant 10 million trees

Social engagement: A focus on community work

Of course, social responsibility has kind of become courteous in worldwide industries, after scandals of brands capitalizing workers in third world countries. It’s obvious that claiming to aim for responsibility, Timberland of course helps raising awareness and supports save working environments by collaborating mostly with fair suppliers. What makes the difference though, is Timberland’s special focus on local communities – an individual approach on the social subject.
  • My PlayGreen© is a support program which establishes outdoor spaces in urban areas, building community gardens and parks. In 5 big cities around Europe, they want to offer the residents a possibility to access nature and fresh air. Something that is rare in areas with populousness. After London in the last year, on the 19th of July 2017 the program started building in Mailand. Following after will be Berlin, Paris and Barcelona.
  • Path of Service©: To support different community projects, Timberland’s employees engage in community services all over the world. Until now, they already participated 1.000.0000 hours in their communities – supported by their employer and the team of global stewards. By the way, the Path of Service celebrates its 25th birthday this year – in a special way: On 25 days, employees can take time off of work and take their time to volunteer to support their communities. They even connected them with possibile projects by setting up a Volunteer Fair.

Joining the team: Timberland is hiring a Sustainability & Responsibility Manager

In this position, the manager is responsible for integrating the S&R strategy throughout the company, delivering information to employees and customers. As a spokes person for Timberland’s values, you represent the sports brand on conferences and workshops over Europe. 
Work closely with the different departments, from HR, over Marketing, Production and Supply Management to achieve te 2020 goals. Manage the community and environmental projects, engage and inspire the employees in participating in Timberland’s Path of Service, different commuter programs, etc. If you feel inspired to help Timberland achieve their 2020 agenda, apply for the job here. Further sport jobs by Timberland can be found on their company page here. A perfect supply chain or production in regards of nature is almost impossible to achieve, but Timberland’s vision aims on a very close solution. Their achievement sets high goals for the whole industry, a development we could already witness at adidas (Producs from Recycled Materials, their „Run for the Oceans“  and more), Patagonia and The North Face, too. With more brands following, this hopefully defines new standards for production and engagement worldwide.   If you want to find out more about Responsibility and Sustainability at Timberland, check their goals and progress at their website "Responbility at Timberland".

The most popular Employers 2017: LinkedIn’s Top Companies

Find out about the top companies to work at around the world
The 18th of May was the day for the Academy Award of the world of employment! Every year, LinkedIn announces the Top Companies where employees love to work. Through their possibility to gain information from billions of employees in their own network, LinkedIn is able to determine the most popular employers in the world.

What makes employees happy

The list contains mostly brands we all know, but this is not the main reason for their popularity as employers. LinkedIn’s study shows that jobseekers are focusing more and more on a balance of work life and free time. Companies like Adobe offer their employees sabbaticals and extra free time for special milestones. Fitbit, no 32., even combines leisure time with working time through „Workout Wednesdays“, a running club and more. Moreover, it’s the little things that make their employees happy. At Under Armour, no. 16, employees gain access to free tickets to sporting events

The Top Employers of the USA in 2017

To make long story short, here’s the 20 top companies of the USA. For other countries, please see the Top French Companies here and the Top German Companies here.
  1. Alphabet (Google)
  2. Amazon
  3. Facebook
  4. Salesforce
  5. Uber
  6. Tesla
  7. Apple
  8. Time Warner
  9. The Walt Disney Company
  10. Comcast NBCUniversal
  11. Airbnb
  12. Netflix
  13. McKinsey & Company
  14. Dell Technologies
  15. Workday
  16. Under Armour
  17. Twitter
  18. CBRE
  19. Visa
  20. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

So, how does LinkedIn get their data?

The study covers all companies with more than 500 employees. According to their Methology, LinkedIn then analyses their given data with respect to three main questions: The popularity of a job posting, the interest of jobseekers in a company profile and its career chances. Last but not least, with growing turnover rates, one of the main aspects is whether employees stay in the same company for over a year or even longer. To see a full list of the USA or other countries, please check the original blog post by LinkedIn here.

eSports on the rise: The recognition of gaming in the sports world

eSports is on the rise in 2017
The stadium is filled to its limits with thousands of people watching their favorite athletes. The audience jumps up, cheers or watches in still excitement. You’d expect them following their favorite football team, instead they watch people in front of screens battling each other in a video game. So called „Eletronic Sports“ are on the rise, having developed from a hobby to a profession. Players are competing for million high prices, for fame and recognition. 
There are official teams, for example from the german premier football club Schalke 04, officially playing Counter Strike or Fifa 2017. The most played game though is League of Legends with over 100 million players per month. Since 2011 the League of Legends World Championship is held, where champions from the game compete live in a stadium. Even in their first season they already reached out to 1.6 million spectators. Just to get a feeling for it: In 2016 more people watched the League of Legends Tournament than the NBA finals. 
E-Sports is getting more and more popular throughout the world and thus, creating a growing industry.

The future is now: eSports industry is growing

According to Business Insider, people spend more and more of their time watching eSports. In 2016, spectators watched professional competitions for a total of six billion hours. Who scores these times? The audience is about 300 million people worldwide, hopefully reaching more than 500 million spectators in the next 3 years. The viewing takes part mostly online, brought to audiences by broadcasts and especially reaching younger markets. The fame is offering the game industry a complete new way of growing by giving options for advertising and selling the viewing rights of their events. Last year, for example, Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, scored a landmark 2-year exclusive broadcasting agreement with BAMTech valued at $300 million. 
This makes clear, that eSports is no longer an occasion only for special conventions, but a possibility for mainstream events all over the world.

Milestones for eSport: Official recognition as profession and sports

Merely a month ago, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) announced that e-sports will be an official part of the Asian Games (Asiad) in 2022. If you haven’t heard of them yet: The Asian Games is the second largest multi-sport event, after the Olympic Games, held in Asia. This way, eSports reaches out for not only fans of eSports, but for the first time for a massive global audience. 
The OCA said that their decision is based on the “the rapid development and popularity of this new form of sports participation among the youth.” It’s a huge step to be recognized as a real competitive sports instead of a digital hobby. They even make an impact on our system: A couple of das ago, France passed a decree protecting professional eSports Players, explaining what makes a professional sports athlete in France and defining exactly how a contract for players must look like. Furthermore, this is just the beginning: This very basic guide marks the first step for regulating the industry world wide, showing clearly their growing significance.
„To put in perspective how big eSports is becoming, a Google search for "lol" does not produce "laughing out loud" as the top result. Instead, it points to League of Legends, one of the most popular competitive games in existence.“ (Business Insider)