Still available sport jobs of 2013 – Q like Quiksilver to W like Winning Search

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Like already announced, today’s sport job-blog shows the second part of our summary of still available sport jobs. To be forwarded to the detailed sport job-openings just click on the specific company-logo. Have fun browsing through!

quiksilver sportyjob

Assistant Système d'Information Retail

Assistant(e) Service Client B to B Bilingue Anglais/Allemand

Chargé(e) de mission RH

Contrôleur(se) de Gestion

Contrôleur/se de gestion operationnel ADV

Coordinateur Digital e Social Marketing

DC Shoes Senior Outerwear Designer

Graphiste Shop Projects

Responsable Rayon Toulouse

Senior Designer Quiksilver

Vendedor Outlet Freeport Alcochete

Vendeur Toulouse

Vendeur(se) Champs Elysées

Vendeur/se ANNEMASSE

Vendeur/se Calais

Vendeur/ses Ile-Saint-Denis

Vendeur/ses Rivoli

Web Analyste

shimano sportyjob

Commercial Equipement du cycliste Région Sud Est

Promoteur Technique - Poste basé en région lyonnaise (69), déplacements à la semaine sur régions Nord-Est et Sud-Est

sigmax sportyjob

Responsable Administration Des Ventes

sonae23.11 sportyjob

Head of Marketing Berg Outdoor – Sports Division

Precisa-se Chefe de Vendas – Sportzone - Albufeira

Precisa-se Chefe de Vendas – Sportzone - Guia

Precisa-se Gerente de Loja – Sportzone - Algarve 

surfstitch logo

Content Assistant - English/Spanish Speaking

Customer Service Representative

Human Resources Manager

Models – Male & Female

Social Media Coordinator (French/English)

Web Designer - Photoshop / HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript

northface logo sportyjob

 Material Manager

Retail Planner/Merchandiser

UFA sportyjob

Junior Sales Manager Online

Volontariat Central Marketing 


Volcom logo

Assistant Service Clients France


WeAre Logo

Aushilfe (Text/Französisch) (m/w)

Aushilfe (Text/Holländisch) (m/w)

winningsearch logo

Commercial Equipement Fitness

The Sportyjob week´s review – the latest sport jobs at Adidas, Cool Shoe and Sportzone

sonae23.11 sportyjob

Since we only had a blog about sport job- internships this week,  it really is getting time for a short sport job summary. Here we go:

Sport jobs at Sportzone:

sonae23.11 sportyjobSonae again posted three exciting sport job offers and adresses all candidates who would love to live and work in Portugal. Last week Sonae has been looking for new staff for Berg Outdoor, this week the sport job openings are all about the sporting goods retailer Sportzone. Sportzone is a chain of sport stores that was founded in Portugal but also is well known beyond the Portuguese boarders and is growing continuously. That’s why Sonae is offering these sport job openings at Sportzone: Required are two Head of Sales for the stores in Guia and Albufeira as well as a Store Manager for the shop at the Algarve. All of these sport jobs require experienced staff who have a lot of know-how in the areas of management and sales as well as a high level in Portuguese.

Sport jobs at Cool Shoe

coolshoes23.11 sportyjobThis week again we are happy to announce a new sport job company on Sportyjob. Cool Shoe was founded in the United States and in the meantime is established all over the world with more than 100 shoe models.  To sell even more shoes, Cool Shoe is offering a sport job as “Agents Commerciaux Paris Nord“.

Sport jobs at Adidas

adidas23.11 sportyjobHow we already mentioned in our last sport job blog, Adidas published even four sport job offers recently. Since all these new sport jobs might be a bit confusing, we decided to bring them up again for you. Offered are three sport job-internships in Communications, Sales & Coordination as well as in Service Commercial. Who already has gained some experience, could also apply for the sport job as a Store Coach.

All mentioned sport jobs and many more you find on

Last week’s sport job openings on

jobskw42 sportyjob

Today we want to take a short look at our new sport job opportunities for sportive candidates:

Swedish company POC, known for helmets, goggles and a lot of other accessories and clothing, that ensures our safety while doing adventurous trips, is looking for a sales agent for the headquarters in France. Requirements for this sport job are three to five years of experience in wholesale and retail as well as fluent French.

jobskw42 sportyjob

Lifestylebrand and Boardsport-goods manufacturer Quiksilver, who also owns the brands DC and Roxy, is offering a sport job internship in the area of marketing. This sport job is all about supporting the export manager in his daily business. Like all sport job-internships at Quiksilver this sport job-internship of course is paid.

Outdoor brand Salewa, which is part of the Oberalp Group, is searching for sport job-candidates for the sport job as global product manager. The potential sport job applicant should be customer-orientated, with an extensive experience in international product management and should also have a passion for outdoor sports, since the Salewa headquartes is in Italian outdoor mecca Bolzano.

Volcom, famous for awesome sport events and highly creative and innovative products, even has three sport job openings. For the sector logistics and warehouse the company is in need of a sport job-candidate who wants to apply for the sport job as import assistant. Who already completed an education in logistics and transport and is able to speak English and French operational, could be the perfect applicant for this sport job. The second sport job publication is only for trilingual people, who are fluent in English, Spanish and French, since a customer care and e-commerce advisor needs to be able to communicate to all of the Volcom stakeholders and clients. Who is still involved in studies, may be more interested in the sport job-internship in digital marketing. Requirements for this sport job are basics in web marketing as well as knowledge of programs and tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS as well as a broad understanding of new media.

These sport jobs and many more sport job offers and sport job-internship openings you find on

Sport jobs on great sport events

sportyjob Olympic Medals

Sport events are always a great source for sport jobs. That’s why you should check out the great sport events in advance for sport job opportunities in the sport event sector. Sportyjob shows you which great sport events are coming up…


sportyjob Olympic MedalsGreat sport events always need a lot of helpers –event coordinators, event managers, sponsoring managers and a huge amount of interns in uncountable divisions of sport events and sport jobs.


The following port events are coming up in the first half of 2014 and will bring along many sport job sport and internship opportunities. On many pages you even find an own category for sport jobs at the event itself or in preparation of the event.


Tennis Australia Open in Melbourne 13.01. - 26.01.2014 


Olympische Winterspiele in Sochi 07.02. - 23.02.2014


Winter Paralympics in Sochi 07.03. - 16.03.2014 


Tennis French Open in Paris 26.05. - 08.06.2014


FIFA Fußball Weltmeisterschaft in Brasilien 12.06. - 13.07.2014Sportyjob running stadium


Tour de France 05.07. - 27.07.2014


Tennis, Wimbledon in London 23.07.- 30.07.2014


Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 23.07. - 03.08.2014


Sportyjob hopes you will enjoy having a look at these great sport events andmaybe even finding exciting sport jobs. 

How to find the right sport job – part 3: What kind of jobs do companies in the sports industry offer?

Since you already know quite a lot about potential employers, today’s Sportyjob sport job blog presents possible sport jobs in the different departments of companies. Given that it is almost impossible to cover the whole bandwidth, we only will have a look at the most common sport jobs. Let’s start with the executive suite:

The Board

The most important people of the board are the chief executive officer (CEO) and the Chairman of the Board. Those two sport jobs are supported by the directors/managers of the different departments. Function of this top-level is to care about fundamental decisions like annual objectives and product launches as well as defining the corporate strategy. In the management level usually all sport jobs are circumscribed with chief…officer like chief financial officer (CFO) or chief operations officer (COO). What you have to keep in mind: the term “CEO” may have different meanings. In Great Britain, for instance, there is only one “true” CEO in a company, but in Germany the term rather describes a management-function of a sport job.


Subordinated to the executive suite are different departments. This is the really interesting part for sport job seekers, since the majority of sport jobs are available in this medium-level.

1. Administration

The administration is working closely with the board and cares about getting the paperwork and all necessary preliminary work for the executive suite done.

2. Legal Department

The legal department might offer some interesting sport jobs for sport job seekers that have graduated in law. Companies of the sports industry need in-house jurists that care about all operational and administrational law-questions.

3. Finance Department

This department is connected closely to the board. Main task is the management of company’s cash flows. Parts of the finance dept. are accountancy, cash management, treasury, controlling and the overall business financing.

4. Human Resources

This department usually is quite big and offers interesting sport jobs: A recruiter needs to find the perfect employees for job vacancies and as well is responsible for personnel marketing and employer branding, which means the market positioning of the company as a trustworthy employer. Also quite important is the personnel development manager, who cares about staff development. Furthermore Human Resources, which is led by the Human Resources Manager, is in charge of wages-management and all issues regarding staff.

5. Sales Department

Who is applying for a sport job in sales will have to do execution of orders, new client acquisition and key account managing. In a lot of companies client service and logistics are part of Sales, too. One main task of this department is to elaborate market entry strategies for new products.

6. Marketing Department

Main subject of sport jobs in marketing  is planning and execution of  advertising-activities with the aim to sell products. Part of this is market analysis as well as research and segmentation. Furthermore this department is responsible for the development of marketing-strategies and the defining of the marketing-mix of price-, product-, place-, promotion- and communication-tools. Since new opportunities of communication like social networks came up, marketing had to change a lot in the recent years and needed to create new subdivisions like online-marketing and e-commerce, which are constantly searching for new sport job-talents.

7. Public Relations

Public Relations often is subordinated to Marketing, but actually is an independent department, which especially cares about corporate image and reputation.  Main instrument of PR is media relations with the aim to spread beneficial news regarding the company in the mass media. Internal communications (E.g. employee-newspaper, newsletters…) as well as crisis and finance communication (annual report etc.) are vital parts of PR and offer a lot of sport jobs.

These seven mentioned departments are only a small overview over potential sport job fields, since every company has its own structures. For example smaller businesses usually concentrate departments or outsource them on order to save costs. Huge global players in the contrary have a lot more departments, like country-specific ones (for instance Marketing EMEA-Europe, Middle East and Africa) and product-specific ones (Apparel, Footwear) where you can find loads of sport job opportunities.

After this third part of our sport job checklist you now know a lot about sport field, employers and departments and the associated sport jobs. But how to find these sport jobs? Our next sport job blog will give an answer!

Until then you can have a look at our latest sport jobs in the industry at, maybe you’ll find a matching one yet!


Bye for now,

your Sportyjob Team

Outdoor-Enthusiasten, Ausdauersportler und Verkaufs-Experten aufgepasst – Sportyjob bietet wieder zahlreiche neue Sport Jobs und Sport Praktika!

Sportyjob, die Stellenbörse für Bewerber und Unternehmen aus dem Sportbereich, bietet täglich neue Sport Jobs und Sport Praktika. In den letzten Tagen wurde eine große Anzahl an Sport Jobs auf Sportyjob gepostet, die wir natürlich niemandem vorenthalten wollen. Beginnen wir alphabetisch: Adidas France sucht einen Store Coach in der Bretagne.  Für diesen Sport Job müsst ihr dem französischen mächtig sein sowie euren Bachelor in der Hand haben. Outdoorausrüster Black Diamond hat gleich mehrere Sport Jobs in Angebot. Zu besetzen sind drei Vollzeit Sport Jobs. Der erste richtet sich an erfahrene Außendienstmitarbeiter und Verkaufsprofis, die einen Job im Sport in Basel suchen. Für Outdoor-Enthusiasten mit wirtschaftlichem Hintergrund kommt eventuell eher der Sport Job als Sales  and Service Respresentative in Frage. Du kennst den europäischen Markt wie deine Hosentasche und hast mehr als fünf Jahre Erfahrung in Sales und Marketing? Dann sollte der Sport Job als Black Diamond Hardgoods Sales Manager definitiv in Frage kommen. Wer sich eher für einen Sport Job im Bereich Ausdauersport interessiert, sollte bei Shimano richtig sein. Hier wird ein Sport Job-Suchender für Commercial Running benötigt. Surf, Skate und Snow Onlineshop SurfStitch sucht Englisch sowie Spanisch sprechende Sport Job-Bewerber für die Stelle als Content Assistant und hat ebenfalls für französische Staatsbürger noch einen Sport Job als Applications Support Analyst zu besetzen. Die Swatch Freeride World Tour hat ein aussichtsreiches Sport Praktikum als New Media Specialist zu vergeben. Computer und Technik Begeisterten bietet sich hier eine einmalige Chance einen tollen Sport Job kennenzulernen. Auch Quiksilver hält die Augen nach neue Praktikanten offen und sucht ab September einen Praktikanten für den Sport Job Produktmanagement Assistant. Es tut sich viel auf Sportyjob, täglich können wir euch neue Sport Jobs und Sport Praktika bieten. Um immer up to date zu bleiben, checkt einfach regelmäßig und tragt euch für den Newsletter ein. Viele liebe Grüße! Euer Sportyjob-Team