Your job search from anywhere - with our Sportyjob App

To make your sports job search even more effective, we now bring Sportyjob to your smartphone!

Download our free Sportyjob app for Android or iOS to be informed about new job offers at any time:

Search Jobs

Browse through vacancies, internships and university courses in the sports industry. You can also simply search for sports jobs – or directly check your favourite companies or universities for new offers.

Inform & apply

Read the job description and requirements in detail, such as (job) profile, requirements and company details. If the job matches your profile, you can apply directly at the end or save the ad for later.

Manage your saved jobs

In “My bookmarks” you can save your favourite sports jobs and degree programmes so that you can call them up again later.

Your application documents are on your notebook? Easy! The saved jobs can be accessed via your profile from any device.

Download the app for iOs or Android

With the SportyJob app you can:

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