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Koroyd is dedicated to engineering a safer tomorrow. Its tireless pursuit of smarter, safer and more sustainable protective solutions underpins its patented and award-winning innovations. From its original, transformative impact absorption technology, to the leading-edge safety solutions under development in its state-of-the-art laboratory, Koroyd offers scientifically researched, rigorously tested and user validated integrations to brand partners, with optional full-scope design and development consultancy. Koroyd is engineered for advanced protection and designed for peace of mind.


Koroyd is a  dedicated and dynamic team with a truly global operation. Our HQ is based in the Principality of Monaco on the Mediterranean Sea nestled between the south of France and Italy. From here we manage research and development, sales, finance and operations. Additionally we have teams across the UK, North America and China. We operate across 5 major business units; Sports, Motorsport, Industrial Safety, Family and Defence and serve customers from the US to South Korea.

With insight across multiple categories, we bring cutting-edge R&D facilities and deep expertise in user requirements and test protocols to every partner engagement in order to engineer extraordinary protective solutions and protect what matters most.  We believe when standards advance, life improves. From sending it down the tallest mountain, to driving home from the hospital with your newborn, and all the moments in between.

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