Start your career in the sports business

If you want to start a career in sports, education is the key. It doesn’t matter whether it’s through graduating in a relevant fields of study or by learning hands-on in an apprenticeship or entry-level position, both will bring you the desired result.

Studying sports

If you decide to study, there’s plenty of great schools who specify on sports all over Europe. Depending on the branch of education you’re looking for, they’ll teach you about athletics management and coaching or about the business side of sports, like sports management, sports science, marketing, etc. We’ve listed different courses and schools in our directory, so you can browse through them or look exactly for your desired field.

Entry-level positions in sports

In our job board, you have the opportunity to look for internships, traineeships and apprenticeships in the sports business. Entry-level positions are normally marked through a “junior” in the title – give it a try in our keyword search.

Expert advice on how to start your career in the sports business

Choose the way best for you

Graduation from the University

What can I do with my sports degree?

Even though career opportunities in sports are as diverse as sports is in general, your field of study might point you in a special direction.


What to study: Does my degree really decide my future?

This is a plea for all the freethinkers out there: Follow your passion and get a job outside of your college major.

A whiteboard might help for making decisions

How to decide on the right sport job for yourself

When deciding for a sport job in our opinion there are four crucial criteria: content, the company, location and payment.

Praktika Stellen im Sport

Why an internship is always a good decision

You are longing to establish yourself in the sport industry, but still don’t know in which area you want to land a sport job?

Get expert advice for your application

How to write and optimize your CV

How to improve your CV

Headhunter & Sportyjob CEO Andy Gugenheimer explains how to set up your CV the best way.


How to do a video resume

A video resume is a great chance to stand out and not only show your skills, but also your personality.

How to prepare for a job interview

The Job interview checklist

This checklist will help you focus on how to prepare to rock your next interview.

The outfit for your job interview is the first impression the interviewer will get, so keep in mind to choose it well

What to wear in a job interview

How do you keep yourself real and measure up with the expectations of the human resources manager?

The first steps in your new career

success at your first days of work

The first day in a new job

No need to be nervous on your first day: Here’s how to leave a positive first impression on your first day of work.

How about looking for a sports job internationally instead of your home country? Working abroad can kickstart your career in the sports business.

How to rock the probationary period

Don’t pressurize yourself: Use the probationary period to explore your job, your company and your team.


How to avoid stress

Don’t let the feeling of having to prove yourself take over. Here’s how to handle your job in a healthy way and still be successful.


How to build a network

We know exactly how hard this can be at beginning – where do you start? How do you make connections?

Still have questions left? You ask, our experts answer

We’re here to help! If you have any (unanswered) question or look for advice on studying sports or a career entry in the sports business, let us know and we will come back to you via E-Mail.

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