Être étudiant chez AMOS Sport Business School implique de s’ouvrir sur le monde, de partir à la rencontre d’autres cultures avec la passion pour le sport comme dénominateur commun.
Si voyager ouvre l’esprit, étudier à l’étranger ouvre sur des carrières dans le management du sport à l’international ! Le cursus international du Programme Grande école a été conçu pour cela.





About Amos l'Ecole du Sport Business

Good to know:

  • Amos offers study programs that are supervised by experts working in the sports industry
  • international visions (integration of exchange programs)
  • professionalism is a major keyword: strive to train future managers, managers or business employees
  • diversification on many levels: not only in terms of nationality but also regarding the curriculum
  • not only interesting theorical input is given, but also practical insights are given thanks to the integration of field work, case studies and more


Admission requirements:
European High School degree or equivalent end
Duration: 3 years

Three important marks of the study programs:

  • Get an idea of what it is like to work in a company, experience the daily life and atmosphere as an intern
  • Get to know what it is like to be part of the sports industry and its development

Benefit from international opportunities (integrated linguistic school, half-year abroad, seminars in English and much more