Key responsibilities
* Create pattern templates and sizes spec by interpreting drawings produced by a fashion Designers
* Use computer software to make up some patterns (GERBER V.11) and sizes specs
* Check the fitting results on dummies and physical models, making analysis.
* Work with designers and product developers to make alternations or adjustment to the final pattern.
* Interact with the internal Product department and the external regional offices to provide the technical support on pattern making

Key Skills
* A good knowledge of pattern making technics, workmanship technics, experiences
* Good mathematics skills for measurement and calculations
* Good computer skills, especially with pattern design software (GERBER V.11)
* Raw materials characteristic and performance, basic skills
* English Language with particular knowledge of technical terms and meaning on garments making
* To be able to interpret a design concept and put it on patterns with good workmanship skills
* To be detailed oriented and work autonomously

About Napapijri

Founded in Italy in 1987, Napapijri celebrates the unexpected journey and outfits adventures that leave a mark. Representing a global mindset through the intersection of boundaries, culture, nature and art, the brand portfolio includes Menswear, Womenswear and Childrenswear; draws inspiration from the wondrous in nature and enables the self-expression of individuals that see the world with a thoughtful mind and an artful touch.