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About Real Madrid Graduate School

Entering the World of Sports with the “Best Club of the 20th Century”


Real Madrid is the most successful Club in the world, the “Best Club of the 20th Century” according to FIFA, and the sports entity with the highest revenue according to Deloitte’s annual reports. All these achievements are the result of a 110-year history while Real Madrid has accumulated unrivalled knowledge of the many different areas of Sports Management.

Meanwhile, sport has become a social phenomenon that goes beyond mere competition and provides societies with important benefits in terms of economic wealth, employment, values development, and the promotion of health and education. Sports play an increasingly prominent role in our lifestyle and carry significant weight, requiring us to give great importance to their management.

In 2006, the Real Madrid Graduate School was created in order to respond to this new, multidimensional and cutting-edge concept of sport. This pioneering Graduate School is the only one of its kind in the world that trains leading professionals in all sports-related disciplines.

For this reason, all the graduate programs offered by the School replicate and transmit, on the one hand, the extensive management experience that has led Real Madrid to become the world’s top Club in terms of, revenues, results and solvency, as well as the innovation, prestige and academic guarantee of Universidad Europea, a leading institution in the Spanish higher education market which serves more than 16,000 students and belongs to the Laureate International Universities network, active in 28 countries throughout the world.

At the School our students can study those areas that are equal to the Club’s management. Real Madrid top executives are totally involved at teaching in the fields of Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, Marketing, Infrastructure, Legal Services, Communication and Medical Services. The Santiago Bernabéu Football Stadium and the Real Madrid Sports Complex are regularly used as a campus for the School’s classes and workshops, while the day-to-day activities of the Club’s executives can make a real case of study. This highly practical approach to working with students is based on the best methodology that exists: that which is explained by the main actors of the Real Madrid Club.