“The opportunity to consult various clients with various products at the highest management level is challenging and satisfying at the same time.”
Reini, product management team lead

Your challenge is to consult and accompany the creation of products for sporting goods brands (such as motorcycle, cycling components, footwear, apparel,…). Therefore you’ll get into people’s heads, to understand and analyse the mindset of different customer groups. These findings, you’ll set in context between a brand’s identity, its values and how its products look and feel to give groundbreaking advice.

You will collect market and product data, to summarize, analyse and give advice. Your findings will be showcased and communicated directly from you in client presentations. From the beginning of each project you are in the loop and the first advicer. You act as interface between client, developers and design to bring a product to the final launch and to the POS. Furthermore, you are exceedingly thorough, making sure all aspects of a project are considered and paying the utmost attention to detail.

To create real impact, you’ll need:

  • 5+ years of product management or marketing experience
  • English fluency (though German language skills are an asset)
  • Experience in consultancy is a plus
  • Analytical and strategic mentality
  • A keen interest in how products are developed and designed
  • Technical understanding of how products are made


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