• Sets the commercial strategy
• Sets the objectives and priorities
• Establishes the commercial conditions
• Creates and manages the global distribution network
• Develops the customer and partner portfolio  (retail in France, agents in Germany and Italy, distributors in the rest of the world)
• Competitive intelligence
• Follow the evolution of sales, manage invoicing&collection, after-sales service.
• Reporting to management and cooperation with other departments of the company

Geographic location:
• International Headquarters in Montpellier

• Great experience in the world of surfing
• Charismatic commercial – Leadership
• Good surfing skills

• Proven experience as a sales manager in the surf industry (boards, fins, surfwear …)
• You have gained this experience in the international market.
• You have performed your duties in an environment related to distribution, for which a presence in the field is essential.

About FOne

F-ONE is a French company specializing into the production and distribution of kitesurfing and Stand-Up-Paddling equipment.

Founded in 1989 by Raphaël SALLES, the company has evolved steadily over the years and keeps on growing. As one of the pioneer of the sport in France and over the world, for more than 20 years  has this former professional windsurfer developed and designed equipment for kitesurfing. Drawing on his experience of watersports, he has since 2011 also developed the production of Stand-Up-Paddles which as a sport is complementary to kitesurfing.

By developing a range of equipment characterized by constant innovation, safety, comfort, power and maneuverability, our mission is to meet the expectations of all those passionate about watersports.