SGF Global is looking for sport passionate individuals to join our sports logging team. Using a proprietary logging system to tag and catalog every possession of every game, we collect data that is synthesized and classified according to an extensive range of indicators, including traditional and advanced statistics, play types, player behaviors and game situations.


Coaches and players have praised the use of sports logging information for allowing them to efficiently, comprehensively and collaboratively evaluate player and team performance and tendencies.


Working Schedule


We’re looking for people who can work from home as a freelancer. However, it is important that you have full availability on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Types of Logger


Depending on your knowledge of the game, we can place you in three different phases. Each one of them is going to have different payment and responsibilities.

·         Phase 1:  It’s the most important phase. You will be in charge of making clips according to each offensive play. So, it is necessary that you have experience and a deep knowledge of Hockey.

·         Phase 2: the most important task would be to identify the players that are taking part on the clips that you will be watching.

·         Phase 3: You’ll be watching which players comes in and out of the ice.


How is the payment?

The payment Will be per game worked


·         Phase 1: 15,75$ per game

·         Phase 2: 7$per game

·         Phase 3: 10,5$ per game


On a regular basis, you will be logging at least 10 weekly games. That means that you might be making approx. $280USD a month, as a Logger Phase 2 (as an example). Can I earn more? yes, it depends on your commitment and availability.





Can I qualify to be a logger?


1.      Each candidate must have medium, medium-high or advanced knowledge of Hockey

2.      You must have a PC or Laptop with Windows OS that has Internet Explorer 10 (Mac / iOS is not supported)

3.      The most important requirement is having a stable Internet connection with a minimum download speed of 10mbps

4.      You must have a medium or superior English level. Especially technic English in Hockey


Why speaking English is required?


Because you must do two tests which are completely in English:


1.      Knowledge Assessment: It’ll be the first test to evaluate Hockey knowledge. Based on your results you’ll be placed in any of the phases mentioned above

2.      Tutorial: It’s about the use of the Software (logging). Each phase has its own tutorial about the software, each one of them totally depending on the other. If you don’t approve the first, you can’t go to the next step.


Once the two tests are approved, what is the next step?


Once approved, your training will start. We will pay you accordingly during this phase as well. This payment will depend of each phase


How the payment Will be made?

The payment will be made through a USA bank account. Otherwise, other transaction can be performed through a web platform that we will explain eventually.


I’m interested! What do I do?


Please send an email to [email protected]  or [email protected] with:


·         Name and Last Name

·         Phone number

·         E-mail

·         Country

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