– Formulate and project manage the timeline and design/development process for all new projects and product design work.

– Advise on product design and development across the other Mingda Company projects and functions.

– Created plan new product/series concepts and manage the Roswheel series overviews.

– Lead weekly and daily design reviews with the team or team members.

– Lead product range reviews at various stages in the product development timeline.

– Design new products (both soft and hard bags and accessories).

– Go through a process of selecting materials, trims and components, altering them where necessary to

match the product and collection concepts.

– Arrange resources for the team; equipment, general travel plans, external expertise/assistance

– Analyse existing products to ensure product quality issues are resolved if relevant to design and

development of products.

– Liaise with, and recommend, manufacturing partners and suppliers to the Production team and the boss.

– Help create the design/VI (Visual identity) of B2B/B2C functions of the brand (website, trade booths, etc).

– Create and manage relevant testing procedures for products. Both lab and real world.

– Work with the Commercial Director (based in UK) and the boss (based in China) to help direct the brand and company in all aspects of its trajectory.



– Have between 4 and 8 years experience working in a relevant field.

– Should have a design or other relevant degree (applicable projects involving bag design, or technical garment design specifically gives you an advantage) with a ‘B’ or higher equivalent grade.

– Must be able to use Adobe CS to at least an intermediate level (in particular Adobe illustrator) for designing and presenting work.




– Ability to use AutoCAD also useful, but not necessary if have strong Adobe Illustrator skills.

– Communicate design intent and product construction effectively through sketching or pen work.

– Must speak fluent English.

– Speaking any level of Chinese gives you a MASSIVE advantage.

– Needs to exhibit previous work that is currently on the market and selling well.

– Not have any criminal record + have a passport that is valid long enough to get at least a 1 year Chinese working visa and work permit

– Be able to ride a bike!



– Having previous experience of working in China or with Chinese businesses gives you a MASSIVE


– Have at least 1 year of working in a semi-autonomous role and give proof of cross managing others internally and externally.

– Must be highly creative, providing multiple new ideas for a single brief (that you will have created with the team) but be able to filter those ideas in terms of marketing, commerciality and reality.

– Must be level-headed and rational, yet passionate in your approach to design and discussing design.

– Have great team-working skills, to delegate work fairly to maximize the output from the skills each individual in the team has

– Create concepts and directions, as well as guide later engineering and DFM (design for manufacture), and marketing activities, with external and internal collaborators.

– Must be able to switch between thinking about top line business and product strategy, and the details of individual product designs, easily and quickly.

– Must be able to ‘art direct’ product and product use for marketing and sales.

– Great management of ones own time.

– Proactive in all aspects of your job but also the jobs of others.

– Be able to educate staff in Mingda company about product, and effectively internally ‘sell’ product.

– Must be able to take review and testing feedback, filter it, and use it effectively.

– Must actively participate in outdoor activities and sports. Cycling In particular is a MASSIVE advantage, and is quite core to the role.



– Based in Shanghai with a 3 year contract and one year working visa (renewed in Shanghai every year)

– Office about 40 minutes cycle (30 minutes Metro) from the center of the Former French concession.

– Regular calls with the UK office. This may extend the end of your day slightly, or require your time in the evening in special cases.

– Most product design and development travel will be within China mainland.

– The company and current employees will help with (and pay for some aspects of) relocation.


Talents can work in the UK office

Über Roswheel


Roswheel is one brand of the Mingda Company, a company that specializes in designing, developing and producing different accessories for the bicycle.

Roswheel is an autonomous in-house brand that started its life manufacturing small bicycle bags for short and long distance riding/traveling, on a small scale, specifically for the Chinese market. Now, 12 years later, the product is sold globally, and includes a concise collection of bicycle bags and a few other relevant accessories. In 2017 the product range and design process was totally overhauled, in order to create stronger product, and a brand relevant for todays quality global bicycle market. The brand has spent the last 2 ½ years laying a new foundation, towards the goal of making the brand, product, and business structure truly unique. By joining Roswheel now, you can start to build on this solid new foundation, and be a key person, taking it to the next step of being truly recognized and respected in a burgeoning area of the cycle industry. You will also be able to enjoy the other perks that come with a job that involve designing and testing bicycle adventure and travel products.

In the Roswheel design team, You will have many roles and responsibilities, that will involve both being the spearhead for everything Roswheel product related, and advising on product and other functions around this unique, exciting, and evolving business.