Timberland: Going beyond the border of Sustainability & Responsibility

Timberland is an outdoor brand, one of the most well-known worldwide to say the least. One of the reason, apart from quality products, is their serious commitment for environmental and social causes. Right now, Timberland is looking for a Sustainability and Responsibility Manager, a moment for us to take a look into their S&R agenda. So how exactly does Timberland improve their three main pillars outdoors, product and community? How do they go beyond the borders of regular engagement?

The long-term plan: Timberland’s 2020 agenda

Already years ao, the company changed their production to be more sustainable, making a statement towards treating the environment with respect. In 2016, when launching their responsibility website, Timberland also announced further steps in improving their strategy. The sports brand set ambitious goals until 2020 regarding their products and the environment:
  • All of the used cotton for their apparal collections are supposed to come from US-american eco-friendly cultivation,
  • Every procued shoe shall contain recycled, organic or renewable (ROR) materials
  • All products shal be PVC and PFC free
  • Timberland wants to reduce their energy consumption by 10% in total and obtain 50% by regenerative energy sources
  • Plant 10 million trees

Social engagement: A focus on community work

Of course, social responsibility has kind of become courteous in worldwide industries, after scandals of brands capitalizing workers in third world countries. It’s obvious that claiming to aim for responsibility, Timberland of course helps raising awareness and supports save working environments by collaborating mostly with fair suppliers. What makes the difference though, is Timberland’s special focus on local communities – an individual approach on the social subject.
  • My PlayGreen© is a support program which establishes outdoor spaces in urban areas, building community gardens and parks. In 5 big cities around Europe, they want to offer the residents a possibility to access nature and fresh air. Something that is rare in areas with populousness. After London in the last year, on the 19th of July 2017 the program started building in Mailand. Following after will be Berlin, Paris and Barcelona.
  • Path of Service©: To support different community projects, Timberland’s employees engage in community services all over the world. Until now, they already participated 1.000.0000 hours in their communities – supported by their employer and the team of global stewards. By the way, the Path of Service celebrates its 25th birthday this year – in a special way: On 25 days, employees can take time off of work and take their time to volunteer to support their communities. They even connected them with possibile projects by setting up a Volunteer Fair.

Joining the team: Timberland is hiring a Sustainability & Responsibility Manager

In this position, the manager is responsible for integrating the S&R strategy throughout the company, delivering information to employees and customers. As a spokes person for Timberland’s values, you represent the sports brand on conferences and workshops over Europe. 
Work closely with the different departments, from HR, over Marketing, Production and Supply Management to achieve te 2020 goals. Manage the community and environmental projects, engage and inspire the employees in participating in Timberland’s Path of Service, different commuter programs, etc. If you feel inspired to help Timberland achieve their 2020 agenda, apply for the job here. Further sport jobs by Timberland can be found on their company page here. A perfect supply chain or production in regards of nature is almost impossible to achieve, but Timberland’s vision aims on a very close solution. Their achievement sets high goals for the whole industry, a development we could already witness at adidas (Producs from Recycled Materials, their „Run for the Oceans“  and more), Patagonia and The North Face, too. With more brands following, this hopefully defines new standards for production and engagement worldwide.   If you want to find out more about Responsibility and Sustainability at Timberland, check their goals and progress at their website "Responbility at Timberland".

adidas and Parley against plastic pollution: Run for the Oceans 2017

The AIR strategy by Parley to preserve our oceans
There is always time for a change. Especially if you want to protect something you love.
„Our oceans give us life. What do we give back?“ - adidas running
To raise awareness for the World Oceans Day 2017 adidas and Parley organized the initiative Run For the Oceans. A global run against plastic pollution.

World runners against plastic pollution: Run for the Oceans 2017

Looking back to the last days, the digital program by runtastic between the 5th and 11th gave people the chance to support the movement. Ending today, runtastic tracked about 60.000 people who joined „Run for the Oceans“. According to Parley’s Facebook Page, by Friday night the logged miles up to this day could have circled the earth 9 times! In New York an additional 500 runners lit up the city in blue to symbolize the ocean on their 5 km track in the night of the 8th of June. However, the runners were adidas’ and Parley’s personal invites of ocean ambassadors, athletes, environmentalists, creatives and famous supporters of the ocean. This was taking part while the United Nations Ocean Conference was held in NYC, who was supporting their 14th development goal to protect life underwater.

Parley against plastic: Changing adidas’ production

„The Parley A.I.R. Strategy addresses the fast-growing and global threat of plastic pollution based on the belief that plastic is a design failure, one that can only be solved if we reinvent the material itself.“ - Parley
Parley features its own ocean plastic program - a strategy to reduce and reuse plastic worldwide. With different approaches they try to clean the world. One of them is the so called A.I.R. Implementation. In collaboration with global companies and the government they are setting a new industry standard.
A.I.R. stands for

AVOID unrecycled plastics in their whole supply chain.

INTERCEPT and free the ocean from trash and help keeping it away from it.

REDESIGN the industry by implementing new materials and production techniques.

And that’s exactly what they did with the sports brand adidas when they paired about in 2015. By using recycled waste, adidas and Parley designed sportswear which is really making an impact. Not only does it raise awareness around the world, but it also helps reducing trash and new pollution. (And to be honest, the new Ultraboost Sneaker looks pretty stylish as well.) The sustainable solution sets innovative standards for the sports industry, creating a concept which will hopefully inspire more brands.

Get involved yourself: Keep the earth clean

A fantastic inspiration to make the world a better place by getting active. Nevertheless, running alone won’t do the trick to keep our environment clean. Having our Sportyjob headquarter close to the french atlantic coast, we are aware of our surrounding and the beauty of the ocean every day. By reducing paper, recycling, working more digitally, saving energy, driving less by car and going more by bike, it’s our little daily things that already help to make a difference. Furthermore, the oceans won’t only need active legs, but helping hands. If you live by the ocean or in your next holiday at the sea, join a local beach cleaning or pick up trash when you’re at the beach. If everyone only picks up three things per day, our oceans will be a much cleaner place.