Sport Job Day: Your career compass for the french sports industry

Sport Job Day: Our recruitment event on the 13th of June in Paris
Where will your degree or apprenticeship take you? The Sport Job Day is your chance to define your next steps. Take part on the 13th of June in Paris and present yourself to recruiters from the french sports business.

Introducing the Sport Job Day

The Sport Job Day is a recruitment event for young adults, graduates and apprentices, with an active lifestyle and the desire to start a career in sports. On the 13th of June 2018, companies & young career interested come together in Stade Jean Bouin in Paris to connect and get to know each other. For the last decade, the sports sector has been one of the biggest growing employers in Europe, offering more than 200.000 jobs in France alone. A development resulting in the creation of entry positions for school & university graduates - and enough reason to dedicate a whole recruitment event to the sports sector alone. Not only will interested graduates have the chance to inform themselves about employment possibilities and professions, but directly participate in workshops & interviews with recruiters.

The programme

Similar to a job ferry, sports brands present themselves in set-up booths, giving insights into their work environment, as well as employment and training opportunities. Team members from Human Recources will be there to answer all your questions - and for you to gain valuable contacts. In 10 minute Speed Dating Interviews, applicants and companies immerse in an straight-to-the-point dialogue to learn more about each others character & qualities - a short, but effective way to figure out if it's a match. It's a place to learn: In conferences, professionals lecture about related topics, for example new professions in the sports sector or give advice on how to conquer the international sports job market. Participate actively in workshops with headhunters and recruiters to improve your future applications and interviews. 

The Sport Job Day at a glance:


The details

  • When: 13.06.2018
  • Time: 10:00 - 17:00 h
  • Where: Stade Jean Bouin – Paris
An event for french-speaking
  • students
  • apprentices
  • young & active entry level candidates
The programme
  • Speed Job Dating: present yourself in 10 minutes
  • Workshops: Learn how to apply through recruiters from the sports industry
  • Exploration: of the sports business, employment and training possibilities

How to take part

All you need is a CV and self-confidence on the day of the event! If you'd like to participate in the Speed Dating, please apply in advance: Register for the Sport Job Day After registering, you'll be able to fill in your CV - we will look through the data to pick companies which fit your profile. In the next weeks, you will get updates on the schedule of the Sport Job Day, more infos to participating companies and about your interview slot. The participation is, of course, completely free.

For Employers

For sports companies interested in being a part of the Sport Job Day, please find the possible ways to participate on our event website.
Find out more about the Sport Job Day on the website by the two organisers Union Sport Cycle & Sportyjob:

How companies choose their employees in 2017 – JobTrends 2017

The JobTrends 2017 study shows how companies and personnel managers choose possible job candidates.
After graduation, it's time to score the first job and make an entry in our dream career. We try to be flawless in our CVs, want to make an unique impression to be the perfect candidate for our future sport jobs. But writing the perfect application is far away from being easy, especially if we don't know exactly what an employer is looking for in a candidate. That's why the german Staufelbiel Institut und Kienbaum asked 297 companies how they choose new employees and which criteria are crucial to be hired. Thanks to the study JobTrends2017, we get a great insight on what companies and personnel managers expect from a candidate.

The CV leaves the first impression

When receiving dozens of applications for a job, the selection needs to be quick. Personnel manager only take a few minutes to pre-select possible candidates for a job interview. That's why they focus on the CV for the first impression.
"On average recruiters spend less than 2 minutes in the selection phase, so give yourself every chance of success." Andy Gugenheimer in Want to work in the sports industry?
So, how to suceed? According to the study, your CV should be well-structured and clean. Spelling mistakes, a wrong adress or contact are absolute no-gos. Also, the following aspects need to be a part of it:
  • the final grade
  • language skills (a foreign language is a big plus)
  • in non-english companies: english skills
  • work experience, i.e. internships or part-time jobs
Don't be scared if your final grade isn't perfect: Companies prefer work experience over flawless marks. Still, this doesn't mean the letter of moviation doesn't matter. More than 70% of the personnel recruiters make their decision based on your cover note. Important: Keep it individual, no copy-pasting. Even though, more and more companies accept an application without a photo, 82% are still convinced that it completes the application

Soft skills matter

Let your application speak for yourself. It shouldn't only show your experience and hard skills, but also your personal qualities. Soft skills are crucial critera for every job. Personnel recruiters want to see your
  • initiative
  • commitment
  • communication skills
  • team spirit
  • performance orientation
  • willingness to learn
Just to name a few. All of these are important for 90% - 100& of all companies.

Economics, IT or Engeneering? What companies are looking for

The study asked companies from different industry sectors (automotives, banking, chemistry/pharmaceutical, consulting, trade and IT) for their desired studies. Overall, the most looked for candidates are economists. But also IT and engeneering graduates have great job possibilities in all sectors. Of course, this differs a lot regarding the business. In chemistry and pharmaceutical the most looked for employees were scientists - next to engineers.

The study by Staufenbiel: Further information

The questions also concerned salaries for career entries and internships, as well as contracts, possible benefits and more. If you want to know more about the desires of companies in 2017, you can find the whole JobTrends 2017 report to download here.

Start your career with adidas: Calling for future talents 2017/18

Are you interested in creating something new? Check out adidads careers
Have you heard of the future talents program from adidas? All over the world adidas gives young people the chance to shape their own future and the one of the sports brand. With apprenticeship and dual study programs for school graduates, internships for students and their functional trainee program for everyone looking for a job after university. Just the right entry in the sports industry and in one of the top sports brands worldwide. With all in all 7 headquarters and 20 international hubs, we are talking about career opportunities in almost every part of the world. Here’s the thing: adidas recruites one year in advance, opening their positions for a special period only. And right now there’s the chance to apply for their Functional Trainee Program, for example offering sport jobs in Product Marketing and Creation. You can still apply for open positions until the 17th or 30th of April. But what about the other programs? We took our time to summarize the possible adidas career entries. There’s one thing they all have in common though: a passion for sports and the will to influence the future of sport. By the way: Current sport jobs from adidas can be found here.

Internships at adidas: For pupils and students

Just imagine a sneak preview in your future job: That’s what the internships at adidas are meant for. For pupils, the internships last a week and normally take part in the summer break. Normally, if you like what you see, that’s an early entry for a later comeback. The internships for students are the more intensive version of this. It’s still a preview into your sports career, with internships in PR, Marketing and Communications and other fields. Six months long you’ll be able to gain experience, share your ideas and prepare for the time after graduation. The positions are offered world wide in the different adidas headquarters, for  example in New York, close to Munich, Portland or Hong Kong, to name just a few. One of the most mentionable parts of the recruitment at adidas is definitely their hiring criteria: Instead of only hiring students with best grades, they rate the whole profile - your engagement and motivation make all the difference! However, to apply you either need to be enrolled in university or be in your Gap Year between Bachelor and Master.  

Your career entry without studying: An apprenticeship at adidas

Especially for young people with a hands-on attitude: An apprenticeship will change school books against practical engagement. The apprenticeship takes place in one of the headquarters of adidas. The different possibilities prepare you for jobs in sport management positions, IT, Media Design or even more practical jobs like shoemaker. 

The possible apprenticeships are:
  • Office Management Assistant
  • Management Assistant for Personnel Services
  • Retail Management Assistant
  • Sales Associate
  • Computer Science Expert – System Integration
  • Computer Science Expert – Software Development
  • Warehouse Logistics Expert
  • Shoemaker
  • Shoe Finsher
  • Orthopaedic Shoemaker
  • Product Refiner – Textiles
  • Audiovisual Media Designer
In the 2-3 years, you’ll switch the different departments of the sports company every 3-6 months, combined with 1 or 2 days of class where you’ll learn about the theoretical background. No matter if you imagine your future at adidas, the apprenticeship will give you enough experience to start your career in the sports industry and live your passion.

The Functional Trainee Program for Graduates

With their functional trainee program adidas aims for graduates who look for jobs in the sports sector. Working in the fast changing industry needs more than motivation, but a will to stay up to date with the development, based on flexibility, creativity and passion. The FTP will train you in one and a half years of work at adidas with the hard and soft skills to master the expectations of the industry. You’ll start your job in an adidas store to be close to the clients and the lifestyle of adidas, before changing to the departments in the hubs. However, don’t expect to start in the comfort of your home base: Your first stop will be in a department abroad, challenging you right from the start with not only a new job, but also new surroundings to handle. An exciting opportunity to gain international experience in different teams. By the way team: Being able to work in a team is essential for jobs in sports. That’s why team projects with other trainees will teach you how to bring in your own strengths and also learn from others. Furthermore, during your whole traineeship, you’ll have a guiding mentor from one of the departments who will offer advice and orientation

Dual Study Program: Combine Work & Study

While a degree can prepare your brain for mastering complex ideas by founding a theoretical base and teach you skills on how to increase productivity and creativity, the practical experience can show you how different real life can be from the theory. That’s why the dual study program by adidas extends your studies with practical engagement. For 3 years, every three months you’ll switch university for an office in one of the different departments of adidas. According to your field of study, each practical engagement will take you to another relevant department giving you the chance to put your learned theory into practice. Furthermore, even during your lectures, there’ll be one day per week in the office, so you won’t lose the connection to your department. adidas offers 7 different degrees which are
  • Bachelor of Arts in Management in Commerce
  • Bachelor of Arts in RSW Accounting & Controlling
  • Bachelor of Arts in Taxes and Auditing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Industry 4.0
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Dialogue & Online Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems
Biggest plus? It’s a guaranteed entry into a career at adidas. If you want more information about the jobs at adidas or the requirements, it can be found in their career portal. © images: adidas