How to find the right sport job – Part 1: Various sport divisions

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This sport job blog is dedicated to all people out there who dream of working in the sports business, but don´t know yet which sport job is the right one. As decision support we created a check list, which we are going to deal with in our blog series: “How to find the right sport job”. Today we are presenting sport fields that could be interesting for sport job seekers.


Who is a sports enthusiast for sure knows a few sport jobs from his own experience. Although the borders between the different sports are blurred (e.g. surfing is water sports, trend sports and extreme sports), we tried to do a classification:

tennis sportyjobBall games

For Sport Jobs this is the most important sport division. Soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby, cricket, baseball, and football in particular are organized in professional systems all over the world and offer a multitude of sport jobs. Also racket games-associations that offer tennis, badminton or squash are appealing sport job employers. Last but not least comes golf, which mostly is important in the USA.

Motor sports

Motor sports offer sport jobs as well. Of course everyone is thinking about formula 1 first, but motor sports are a lot bigger. Besides classic car races there are also disciplines like motorcycling, go-kart sports and motorboat sports that provide sport jobs.

Water sports

Especially water sports have attracted a lot of people in the past years. Sailing as very traditional physical acticity offers various sport jobs and swimming, diving, rowing as well as canoe and kayak-sports are also at a commercial level. Furthermore board sports like surfing, kite-surfing, windsurfing and wakeboarding have increased a lot. In this industry for sure you will find various sport jobs in surf camps or at sporting goods manufacturers.

Trend and fun sports

Above mentioned sports like surfing could as well be subsumed to the category of trend sports. Skateboarding, inline-skating and BMX are trend sports as well. In general trend sports are defined as new sports, that differ from traditional disciplines and can´t be subordinated to popular sports. Within this scope snowboarding, mountain biking, slack lining are as well new trends. Since trend sports absolutely have the chance to be established on the market, you should always keep your eyes wide open for new sports innovations and, if applicable, be ready to jump on the moving sport job train.surfen im sport job sportyjob

Of course there are plenty more sports than the mentioned ones and sports can be arranged by other criterias as well. If you have a look at the place, sports can be distinguished by indoor and outdoor sports. Team- and individual sports as well as seasons (Winter- and summer sports) could be possible classifications. All mentioned sports moreover can be performed as competitive or popular sports. If athletes go for the limit in technical, physical or psychical ways, we are talking about extreme sports.

Regarding sport jobs in particular the “big” associations with huge media coverage are offering various sport jobs. But for sport job-seekers the sports environment also could be a possible occupational field. Sporting goods manufacturers, advertising agencies and retail companies are always on the search for appropriate sport job candidates.

In our next Sportyjob sport job blog we will introduce you to potential employers and their fields of work.


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New media’s influence on the sports industry and the resulting changes in the sport job market

The technical and social evolution has led to a change in the media and brand-sector of companies in the sports industry. Opportunities of global communication installed by web 2.0 are leading to a new transparency, with a big focus on service quality. Why? Because feedback is always around the corner.

The Web 2.0 created Social Media, Wikis and Blogs - possibilities for crowd created content. What matters to customers are intangible assets like trustworthiness, reputation and image. Before, Sports Marketing was focused on clear peer groups, it was target Marketing. Of course, it still is, but expanded by a social factor. Million dollar budgets for impressive advertising got rare. People don't only want to see, but interact with brands.  That is why society-focused communication with the aim of a good image is more important than ever before.

To fulfill these new needs of stakeholders, e.g. clients, distributors or employees, the company has to think and act like a human. That means not only being honest and careful with the corporate environment but also to re-organize stiff structures. This of course has an influence on sport jobs as well.

Which sport jobs have to be re-organized and how could the implementation work?

Fundamentally, the central functions of corporate communications – marketing and public relations – have to cooperate more than ever. Only in this way a consistent image of the company can be created. This is what practitioners call integrated communications.

One sport job that had to be adapted to the requirements of integrated communications for instance is the sport job of a Brand Manager. Brand Managers care about upgrading the existing brand-architecture by listening to the voices of the stakeholders of the companies’ environment.

Furthermore a lot of social media focused jobs are in vogue nowadays. Platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are no longer nice to have but absolute must haves. But online platforms don't live the 9 to 5 lifestyle - furthermore users want to have a 24/7 contact opportunity and who is not reacting fast enough to critical posts could soon be in danger of a shitstorm. This change in communication has created a multitude of sport jobs, which are mostly free-lance or at work at home, like e.g. social media manager of a sports team.

Also newfound or adjusted careers in social media are placements in SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) respectively SEM (Search Engine Management). Content Manager or Online Marketing Manager are working with special tools like linkbuilding or keyword-optimized blogs to provide the corporate homepage with a good search engine ranking.

Sponsoring engagements as well are affected by the change of the media landscape. Sponsoring Managers have to work closely with corporate communications and have to choose sponsorships carefully regarding their soft factors. Sponsoring nowadays means image and reputation-delivery, since the value of product-positioning via sponsoring is slowly decreasing.

Moreover some totally new sport jobs in the sector of sports engineering arised. They are IT related placements that care about social media and TV-relevant real-time editing of events like soccer games, horseraces or Olympics. The importance of applications which can be used interactively during events e.g. via mobile devices, has increased rapidly in the last few years.

Since online communications are permanently transforming, the functions of the diverse positions have to be adapted to these new needs. This only can be done effectively, if the stakeholder discussion is followed closely and one keep his  eyes open for trends – who is keen and able to invest this time will assure himself a sport job in the future.


Outdoor-Enthusiasten, Ausdauersportler und Verkaufs-Experten aufgepasst – Sportyjob bietet wieder zahlreiche neue Sport Jobs und Sport Praktika!

Sportyjob, die Stellenbörse für Bewerber und Unternehmen aus dem Sportbereich, bietet täglich neue Sport Jobs und Sport Praktika. In den letzten Tagen wurde eine große Anzahl an Sport Jobs auf Sportyjob gepostet, die wir natürlich niemandem vorenthalten wollen. Beginnen wir alphabetisch: Adidas France sucht einen Store Coach in der Bretagne.  Für diesen Sport Job müsst ihr dem französischen mächtig sein sowie euren Bachelor in der Hand haben. Outdoorausrüster Black Diamond hat gleich mehrere Sport Jobs in Angebot. Zu besetzen sind drei Vollzeit Sport Jobs. Der erste richtet sich an erfahrene Außendienstmitarbeiter und Verkaufsprofis, die einen Job im Sport in Basel suchen. Für Outdoor-Enthusiasten mit wirtschaftlichem Hintergrund kommt eventuell eher der Sport Job als Sales  and Service Respresentative in Frage. Du kennst den europäischen Markt wie deine Hosentasche und hast mehr als fünf Jahre Erfahrung in Sales und Marketing? Dann sollte der Sport Job als Black Diamond Hardgoods Sales Manager definitiv in Frage kommen. Wer sich eher für einen Sport Job im Bereich Ausdauersport interessiert, sollte bei Shimano richtig sein. Hier wird ein Sport Job-Suchender für Commercial Running benötigt. Surf, Skate und Snow Onlineshop SurfStitch sucht Englisch sowie Spanisch sprechende Sport Job-Bewerber für die Stelle als Content Assistant und hat ebenfalls für französische Staatsbürger noch einen Sport Job als Applications Support Analyst zu besetzen. Die Swatch Freeride World Tour hat ein aussichtsreiches Sport Praktikum als New Media Specialist zu vergeben. Computer und Technik Begeisterten bietet sich hier eine einmalige Chance einen tollen Sport Job kennenzulernen. Auch Quiksilver hält die Augen nach neue Praktikanten offen und sucht ab September einen Praktikanten für den Sport Job Produktmanagement Assistant. Es tut sich viel auf Sportyjob, täglich können wir euch neue Sport Jobs und Sport Praktika bieten. Um immer up to date zu bleiben, checkt einfach regelmäßig und tragt euch für den Newsletter ein. Viele liebe Grüße! Euer Sportyjob-Team

The variety of sport jobs in our favourite industry – sport

Professional Surfer Pauline Ado

Due to the tons of information that have been provided by our last sportyjob sport job blogs, you now should have the know-how to land your dream sport job. That’s why today we want to dedicate the blog to the multitude of sport jobs that are available in our favourite branch - the sport industry.


Professional Surfer Pauline Ado

 Since there are plenty of sport jobs in the sports sector, we are going to check the ones first, that don´t need special education. Actually it is only one kind of engagement: Top athlete. For those who are not blessed with the perfect throw, a goalgetter-gene or addicted to adrenalin rushes: Don´t worry, there are still thousands of sport jobs in the industry, but you will have to do an education to get one of these sport jobs.

  Especially for the wellness and health sector the sport job forecast sounds quite good: Experts predict a growth of over 500 percent in the next five years. This might be one place to be. Preferred sport jobs in the wellness industry for instance are physiotherapist, wellness-therapist respectively masseuse, yoga-teacher or motion pedagogue. All these sport jobs can be learned in a two to three years training.

Since the sports industry is known to be a very promising occupational area, universities and academies have detected its potential and now are offering a multitude of sport based study paths for sport job seekers. Well known are sport teaching degrees, sports science and sports management as well as sports business administration. Also departments like sports psychology, media, -sports & event management, sport journalism, sports engineering as well as sports business economy are in vogue and provide interesting sport jobs. Sportyjob office

Once done with your sport studies, the world is your oyster. You can work in sport jobs for sports clubs, commercial sports, sport agencies, get a sport job in the retail sector of a sporting goods manufacturer, do market research or sports equipment engineering and many more….a whole lot of sport job opportunities!

But to land your dream sport job, you don´t need to do a sport specific education necessarily. Many people manage the transition to sport jobs via other professional fields like business studies, marketing, public relations, human resources, media management, fashion design or as well computer science, since even companies like Adidas or Quiksilver need an IT-specialist every now and then.


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