Sport job – What should I study?

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There are obviously various possibilities to prepare yourself for a dream job in the sport industry. The classic method is to choose some kind of sport studies. But which studies should one choose to find the perfect sport job in the future?  

sportyjob studieren sportTo make sure that a sport job is really the right option for you, an internship is a great idea. You can do a sport internship in a sport company while you are still at school or latest when you quit school and start with university. With a sport internship you will easily find out if a sport job is something you really want for the future.  


After school and still long before you will apply for a sport job, you will have to decide what to study, at least if your aim is an university degree. To study pure “sport” is possible but it may be not the best option to prepare yourself for a career in the sport business. It is more likely to find a sport job if you combine your sport studies with studies of economics, law or media, eg. There are many specialized colleges which offer studies like sport economy or sport management. They will prepare you in the most ideal way to later find an interesting sport job in the exciting sport industry. You will even get first contacts to the industry while studying at a specialized sports college.

Favorite studies for a future sport job and career in the sport business are sport management, sport economics, sport event management, sport journalism, sport science, sport psychology, sports business, sport & technique, etc. There are many interesting combinations.


sportyjob studierenTo become for example a sport journalist it is advisable to study journalism or media and not only focus on the sport. Many colleges which offer specialized study subjects like sport journalism have a limited number of students, so unfortunately sometimes it is only possible to study something more classic and later on specializing for the sport sector. It is also very helpful to first understand the key points of your job before specializing. Sport internships are a great way to gather experience for a future sport job and to find out if you really like it.   


Some universities even offer study subjects that concentrate on a certain sportive discipline. In Australia and the U.S. you will for example find places that offer “surfing studies” or other specialized sports.. If you have one kind of sport you really want to devote your life to, this can be the ultimate solution. But be aware that concentrating on just one thing may also limit your possibilities.   

In the internet you can find a great number of websites which inform you about the great variety of sport studies worldwide.


Why we love sport jobs

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Jobs in the sports industry are treasured and a multitude of people is desperately looking for a sport job. But why do these kind of jobs make us that happy?


Although studies are proving that athletes are neither having special interpersonal skills nor are better team playershandstand skateboard sportyjob than non-athletes, sport jobs for sure do connect people and hence offer a good working atmosphere. Sport job keepers usually decide to work for a sports company because they identify with the sports area the business is dealing with and normally do this kind of sports themselves.  This is the best basis for a work life where you can talk shop in your lunch break and after work indulge in your passion with your colleagues. And between us sportspersons: We are way more communicative than couch potatoes, right? It is much easier to connect to others in the sports industry than in other industries.

Furthermore whilst searching for a sport job, sport job-seekers always have in mind that a sports-related employer knows about the addiction and might provide some more leisure time for the favourite hobby. Since a lot of offices are close to surf-, climbing or hiking spots, companies quite often even want their sport job-employees to spend some time for their passion because sports makes us happy cause it spills out endorphins. And a happy employee is a good employee – so both sites profit from it.

To provide happiness to sport job-seekers, Sportyjob facilitates the sport job search and publishes great sport jobs in all areas and countries daily. Her you find the latest ones:

“Tell us about your weaknesses” – tricky questions in sport job interviews and how to deal with them

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Your dream sport job is within reach. It is all your able to think about and all you want. You are calm, confident and almost got the sport job in your pocket – but then one question changes the whole situation: “Tell us about your weaknesses”. Your hands are getting sweaty, your pulse is racing and you start to stutter. Of course you prepared "perfect answers", but now every sentence seems to be stupid. But which response is the right one? 


panic sportyjobTo give an answer, we need to have a look behind the scenes. Why do recruiters ask this question? They do it to find out if you are self-critical and honest, which means common replies like “My biggest weakness is that I work too much” or “I’m too perfectionistic” won’t let you stand out from the crowd. Try to choose an answer which is not linked to the sport job requirements, for instance "My bad orientation".

Of course there is not only this question, but several that may let you feel queasy. To prepare you for your next sport job interview, we picked a few of the most common ones:

1. Tell us about yourself!

The popular ice breaker in a job interview. Most important is too keep your answer short and simple, don’t deliver an escalating monologue which will bore the recruiters. Only sweep through points in your live that are somehow connected to the sport job like school, university, internships and your last employments. Hobbies and private anecdotes are out of place as long as they are not related to the sport job you are applying to.

2. What makes you different from other candidates?

Asking this question your counterpart wants to know your strengths – so feel free to state why you are the best candidate. The recruiter certainly is aware that you don´t know the other applicants and tries to put you under pressure. Just sort out which of your qualifications matches the sport job best and you will successfully handle the situation.

3. Do you have any questions for us?

Potential employer and employee get to know each other best while having a conversation. To start this dialogue, questions of the candidate are indispensable - so be prepared: Talk about things that you did not like meanboss sportyjobabout e.g. the companies homepage and ask why it was done in this way.

4. How are you motivating yourself?

With this question the recruiter wants to know more about your attitude towards work. Try to use examples to confirm your statements like “a good team-atmosphere is motivating me” and not to sound like only the cheque at the end of the month is your motivation.

5. What bothers you about other people and how do you deal with that?


Don't mention any discriminating, hurting or politic things (“It bothers me if my colleagues smell awkward”) and try to give an answer that is somehow diplomatic and uncontroversial, e.g. “I don’t appreciate intolerant people.”

6. How would your friends describe you?

This is a classic one. Your friends know you like no one else and have an understanding of your best characteristics and your social behavior. Keep in mind that they don't know anything about your working routines. Possible answers are “sportive, good-humored, responsible, always there for others if needed”. Attempt to exemplify your statements with (not too private) anecdotes: “My friends would describe me as sportive, since we play football four times a week.” Consider that your friends know your weaknesses as well – that's why you should mention one or two as long as these are not connected to the new sport job.

Since recruiters are always asking further questions it is almost impossible to prepare a sport job interview. But certainly you will profit if you think about sample answers before the talk and maybe you can do a test interview with family or friends who could ask critical questions and try to unsettle you. If you do this, no question will race up your pulse anymore.

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Its Quiksilver sport job week!

Quiksilver has gotten a vital part of the life of any board sports addicted people. Since childhood Quiksilver has accompanied us whilst snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing and got a constant in our live. DC, Roxy and all the other brands of the Quiksilver-Family became an integral part as well.

Now, that we are older and have to step up to new challenges, it is needless to say that Quiksilver first comes to mind thinking about sport job employers, since there is nothing better than combining passion and job.

quiksilver sportyjobThat is why it is particularly nice that job boards like Sportyjob reduce our hard sport job investigation by publishing all these great jobs like employments at Quiksilver. Since especially the sporting goods manufacturer has posted a lot of interesting sport jobs for people from all around the world in the last days, this blog-entry serves to get you updated about these new sport jobs.

For german-speaking candidates two sport jobs are offered: Who wants to work for Quiksilver but only has limited time could do a six-months maternity cover in the credit division. If you feel more like having a full-time sport job and speak French and German fluently, the position as client services assistant may be a good choice.

If you don´t have a fluency in German don´t worry: Quiksilver also offers various sport jobs for French and/or English speakers, for instance an internship as assistant of the product chief of Quiksilver Shoes or a sport job as “Senior Product Line Manager Footwear DC”.

All mentioned sport job offers and many more you find on

What job board sportyjob has to offer

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What does sportyjob job board actually offer? If you have a closer look at sportyjob you will see that the job board has much more to offer than you might first think. The following list tells you what sportyjob job board is all about…   sportyjob logoSportyjob lists sport jobs and presents them in an appealing way. Sportyjob gives you a detailed and a short description of every sport job. Sportyjob offers you a LinkedIn-connection which allows you to easily upload your Linked-In profile. Sportyjob supports video application by which you can increase the chance that employers have a look at your application. Sportyjob shows videos in which you can listen to sport pros talking about their sport job. Sportyjob presents special sport jobs on partner sites. Sportyjob allows you to create individual questionnaires for each sport job offer. Sportyjob provides the management of a great amount of sport jobs under just one account. Sportyjob helps you to create job offers through personal customer support. Sportyjob offers an application management system which organizes your sport jobs and applications. Sportyjob has a sportjob blog which gives hints and advices for applicants who want to apply for a sport job.   And last but not least: Sportyjob is open for anything new. If you have any ideas or advice, just write to [email protected]

How to find the right sport job – part 4: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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This fourth part of our series is all about „the search“of sport jobs. Since the majority of sport jobs is not published in mass media and hence not easy to find, we will give you some tips how to find the right sport job.


1. Connections

sportyjob-logo 120x90“If you want to land a great job you need to have connections” my parents always used to say. For sure there is some truth about this statement since it is always beneficial to know a human resources manager, but that doesn´t mean that you soon will have the best sport job ever. A German survey that interviewed 15000 companies states that only one quarter of the jobs have been given to private contacts – fortunately there is still hope for all of us who don´t have influential friends.

2. Social Media

Great hope to find a sport job lies in social media. To maintain profiles on career networks like LinkedIn definitely is advisable since a lot of companies are searching actively for candidates on these platforms and offer their sport jobs in diverse groups. Furthermore these kind of profiles can be found easily via Google, which can be really good self-promotion because every business is trying to get as much information as possible about a potential employee. Moreover it is always a good idea to regulary check the Google+ and Facebook profiles of the companies you prefer since quite often they are publishing their sport job offers as well on their social media profiles.

3. Homepagesskateboard office sportyjob

Sport jobs are not only offered on social media platforms but also almost every company has its own “jobs” or “career” section on its homepage. Usually sport jobs are first published on the own website and afterwards spread via job boards and other platforms. A few businesses are exclusively working with job boards like so that you will have to apply via the platform. Nevertheless, it is always a good thing to sweep through the latest sport job posts on homepages.

4. Special Interest Magazines / Blogs

Special interest magazines and blogs might offer interesting sport jobs as well. Companies tend to publish sport jobs in field-related media since it guarantees to address the right target audience.

5. Trade Fairs

Sport trade fairs or career fairs established by universities will always provide you with useful industry contacts. Some fairs even offer the opportunity to apply directly on site for a sport job which is a good chance to directly land a sport job.

6. Being speculative

Sending a speculative application always is a possibility. Of course this costs some effort but there is nothing that can go wrong. If there is no available sport job, the company at least knows you are existing and interested in working for them.

7. Job boards

A lot of job boards offer sport jobs. A few are initialized by universities that offer sport specific studies and in every country there are as well a few huge job boards which usually don’t offer many sport jobs since companies want to address 100% sport enthusiastic people. That’s why very few platforms have specialized on specific topics. An important one is Sportyjob, which daily offers new sport jobs and sport internships in all imaginable disciplines throughout Europe.

You are currently looking for a new job?

Then have a look at the latest sport job offers:


We keep our fingers crossed for you to find the right sport job!

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Getting into the sport industry – Why not start with a sport internship?

Lots of young people would love to work for the brands they are wearing. Not only because they adore a special brand's clothes or accessories and feel like they make them look better, but also because a brand transports a certain lifestyle and attitude which one can easily connect to. 


sportyjob_sport_internshipA great way to get an entry into a sport job in the sport industry is by completing a sport internship in your favorite sport brand. A sport internship allows you to learn what a future sport job is all about and which duties and responsibilities will come along with it. A sport internship may take from 3 weeks up to 6 months or even longer but normally fits perfectly into your college holidays.

Sport internships are a great way to get to know new people, too - and more than that: This people might become very important for your future sport jobs in the sport industry.

A sport internship mustn’t be directly related to your favorite sport brand but actually it is. Even if you decide for an internship in the accounting, legal or sales department of a sport company, your work may have a profound influence on the product and image created by the sport brand. Therefore sport internships in other departments than design, photography, technical development or marketing can be interesting as well.

A sport internship will provide you with lots of knowledge which you will later on need for your sport job. While some of the stuff you learn in university might not be very helpful in your actual sport job, the things you learn during a sport internship usually are very useful in the sport business.

A sport internship is a great way to get into this kind of sport business. So think twice when you plan to apply for a summer job in the local bar. You could instead end up as a marketing or financial pro.

Sportyjob frequently publishes sport jobs, but keep your eyes open, Sportyjob often lists sport internships, too.


Finding sport jobs with job board Sportyjob

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How do I find the perfect sport job?

Today internet job boards are the most important places to find a sport job.

Unfortunately the big job boards do only list a few sport jobs and in some job boards you don’t find a category for sport jobs at all, as they are often hidden among marketing, management or administrative jobs. A job board that concentrates especially on sport jobs is the ideal solution for a fast and effective job hunt of sport jobs.

job board_sportyjob logoJob board sportyjob offers a wide range of sport jobs, even though the job board mainly focuses on sport jobs in the sport industry. So is Sportyjob in fact a job board for non-sportive jobs? Not at all, because as we have reported before, you should always bring a great amount of sportiness along, …even for an office job in the sport industry.

Sportyjob job board is updated daily, so you may also find coaching jobs on the job board. And why don’t you just have a chat with your fitness studio and ask them why they haven’t yet advertised their job offers on the Sportyjob job board?! You can easily help to add your dream job on the Sportyjob job board by spreading the news. Sportyjob job board has been known for a while, but mainly in France. Your ideal employer might just not know of Sportyjob job bard, yet.

Sportyjob operates Europe-wide as job board for sport jobs. The job board’s sport jobs may open up the world for you as on Sportyjob job board you can easily find sport jobs in the nicest parts of Europe. Why don’t you consider applying for a sport job in a European country and enjoying all the benefits a holiday destination brings along!?  The job bard Sportyjobs currently lists interesting sport jobs in France and Switzerland – ideal countries to combine a sport job with a great lifestyle.

Sport + Job = Sportyjob, your job board for sport jobs. 

How to find the right sport job – part 3: What kind of jobs do companies in the sports industry offer?

Since you already know quite a lot about potential employers, today’s Sportyjob sport job blog presents possible sport jobs in the different departments of companies. Given that it is almost impossible to cover the whole bandwidth, we only will have a look at the most common sport jobs. Let’s start with the executive suite:

The Board

The most important people of the board are the chief executive officer (CEO) and the Chairman of the Board. Those two sport jobs are supported by the directors/managers of the different departments. Function of this top-level is to care about fundamental decisions like annual objectives and product launches as well as defining the corporate strategy. In the management level usually all sport jobs are circumscribed with chief…officer like chief financial officer (CFO) or chief operations officer (COO). What you have to keep in mind: the term “CEO” may have different meanings. In Great Britain, for instance, there is only one “true” CEO in a company, but in Germany the term rather describes a management-function of a sport job.


Subordinated to the executive suite are different departments. This is the really interesting part for sport job seekers, since the majority of sport jobs are available in this medium-level.

1. Administration

The administration is working closely with the board and cares about getting the paperwork and all necessary preliminary work for the executive suite done.

2. Legal Department

The legal department might offer some interesting sport jobs for sport job seekers that have graduated in law. Companies of the sports industry need in-house jurists that care about all operational and administrational law-questions.

3. Finance Department

This department is connected closely to the board. Main task is the management of company’s cash flows. Parts of the finance dept. are accountancy, cash management, treasury, controlling and the overall business financing.

4. Human Resources

This department usually is quite big and offers interesting sport jobs: A recruiter needs to find the perfect employees for job vacancies and as well is responsible for personnel marketing and employer branding, which means the market positioning of the company as a trustworthy employer. Also quite important is the personnel development manager, who cares about staff development. Furthermore Human Resources, which is led by the Human Resources Manager, is in charge of wages-management and all issues regarding staff.

5. Sales Department

Who is applying for a sport job in sales will have to do execution of orders, new client acquisition and key account managing. In a lot of companies client service and logistics are part of Sales, too. One main task of this department is to elaborate market entry strategies for new products.

6. Marketing Department

Main subject of sport jobs in marketing  is planning and execution of  advertising-activities with the aim to sell products. Part of this is market analysis as well as research and segmentation. Furthermore this department is responsible for the development of marketing-strategies and the defining of the marketing-mix of price-, product-, place-, promotion- and communication-tools. Since new opportunities of communication like social networks came up, marketing had to change a lot in the recent years and needed to create new subdivisions like online-marketing and e-commerce, which are constantly searching for new sport job-talents.

7. Public Relations

Public Relations often is subordinated to Marketing, but actually is an independent department, which especially cares about corporate image and reputation.  Main instrument of PR is media relations with the aim to spread beneficial news regarding the company in the mass media. Internal communications (E.g. employee-newspaper, newsletters…) as well as crisis and finance communication (annual report etc.) are vital parts of PR and offer a lot of sport jobs.

These seven mentioned departments are only a small overview over potential sport job fields, since every company has its own structures. For example smaller businesses usually concentrate departments or outsource them on order to save costs. Huge global players in the contrary have a lot more departments, like country-specific ones (for instance Marketing EMEA-Europe, Middle East and Africa) and product-specific ones (Apparel, Footwear) where you can find loads of sport job opportunities.

After this third part of our sport job checklist you now know a lot about sport field, employers and departments and the associated sport jobs. But how to find these sport jobs? Our next sport job blog will give an answer!

Until then you can have a look at our latest sport jobs in the industry at, maybe you’ll find a matching one yet!


Bye for now,

your Sportyjob Team

Sport-Marketing Internship at X-Technology in Switzerland

sportyjob x technologies sportpraktikum
A selected view of the sportyjob sport jobs and internships!   Today: Sport marketing internship at X-Technology in Switzerland    The sport marketing internship at X-Technology Swiss R&D AG isn't only interesting because of the company's location on the shore of beautiful Zürichsee, but the exciting and dynamic duties that come along with this great sport internship.  

X-Technology (well known for their brands X-BIONICS and X-SOCKS) will position the new intern directly in the marketing department where his functions will range from preparing and organizing exhibitions to helping in the coordination of sponsoring projects. This sport internship provides great opportunities for future sport jobs in marketing and event coordination of major sport brands.sportyjob x technologies sportpraktikum

Students of sport economics and business studies with a focus on marketing are favored for this sport position while a great affinity for sport is another requirement for the internship. Furthermore applying candidates should have an eye for design and innovation as the company is well known for its innovative products and numerous design awards. Applications for design awards will accordingly be another duty of this exciting sport internship.

As English language comes along naturally in nowadays sport jobs you only have to major MS office and be good in communication to apply for the sport internship which should at least last for six month.

You have all what it needs and love Switzerland? Then don't hesitate and apply now!