adidas revolutionizes sport industry: The futurecraft 4D made from light and oxygen

A revolutionary product designed by adidas

adidas is known for its revolutionary ideas in sneaker design. The latest technology of the “Futurecraft 4D” presented by adidas on April 7, 2017 shows that the company will take it to a new level!

The shoe has  midsoles made of light and oxygen. How is this possible? With a shoe manufacturing that makes even 3D printing look old. The Digital Light Synthesis, developed by the Californian Start-Up Carbon, creates a high-performance shoe using digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics and programmable liquid resins.
A process that is similar to the 3D print, but allows much faster and higher quality production. The developed resins of carbon are known for their pronounced elasticity and longevity – something that the 3D print has up to now not been able to deliver.

The midsole is characterized by experience: for a total of 17 years, adidas has collected and analyzed data to design and shape these chambers of the sole. In this way the midsole could be optimized for each sports, depending on the important factors delivered by analysis. However,  not only allows this technology prototypes, but the production of individual, personalized shoes for every athlete. A new era of sports shoes!

You can find further information on the Futurecraft 4D on the official adidas site.